The Best Sunsets Seen In Jordan

Roman Citadel
Roman Citadel | © Khaled Sharif / Flickr
Ginin Dunia Rifai

Jordan is the land of wonders and unforgettable adventures – a glorious country with a timeless book that unfolds magical stories of history, people and nature. One of the most breathtaking occurances in Jordan is the sunset, and we couldn’t get enough of these impressive displays captured over the Jordanian skyline.

The sun can never set more beautifully anywhere as on the salty cliffs and unbothered surface of the Dead Sea. These dead waters can magically bring to life an unforgettable experience that will live long in the memory.

The sun sleeping beneath the rocky mountains and endless dunes of sand will turn everything around you into a golden beacon and a jaw-dropping show of sun rays.

Dusk and sunset are two mesmerizing paintings of the same concept, dawning at and sinking into the skyline of Jordan everyday. Sunsets over the city of Amman are uniquely spectacular; the sinking rays of sun create a spectrum of colours shooting across the summery blue sky of the city, each time forming a different arrangement of dreamy colours.

Jordan is famously known for magnificent monuments that attract visitors from all over the world, but little did they know that one of the country’s most glorious attractions is not the historical rocks beating with time, but the sensibility with which the land embraces its visitors, leaving them speechless and with a pocket full of memories and emotions.

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