Top Second Hand Markets In Tel Aviv

Bezalel Market, Tel Aviv
Bezalel Market, Tel Aviv | © AGF Srl / Alamy Stock Photo
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In Tel Aviv, which can be expensive as any bustling metropolis, finding something at a reasonable price that’s to your liking can be tricky. But if you are a hardened bargain-hunter and are looking for low-cost goods and second-hand markets, we have curated a list of the White City’s most popular low-priced, colorful and inviting second-hand goods markets. Get your hands on everything from vintage goodies and trendy clothing to jewelry and antique crafts in Israel.

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Jaffa Flea Market


CEN16P Jaffa flea market in Tel Aviv, Israel

One of the oldest markets in Israel, Jaffa Flea Market is the biggest market for second-hand and inexpensive items. Situated alongside Olei Zeon Street, the market offers almost everything that one can think of. The market is well served with numerous stalls offering trendy furniture, clothing, ceramic items, Arabic Pottery, household items, homemade handlooms and crafts. However, it depends on your trading and negotiating skills, which determine how much you shell out at this outdoor market.

Daffodil 11 Market


Carmel market, Tel Aviv

As soon as you enter in Carmel Market, known in Hebrew as Shuk HaCarmel, the blended smell of species, fruits and different kinds of edibles will keep you drawing deeper and deeper into the heart and soul of Tel Aviv’s iconic market. The market is well-lined with different kinds of shops and stalls offering a huge variety of household items, accessories, electronics and clothing. A unique culture experience, the whole market is filled with stalls of shouting vendors’ dried fruits, species, footwear, all at prices less than any other place in the city. Besides second hand products, you can get fruits, spices, fish, pastries, mobile and electronic accessories, toys, paintings and home products if you are a good bargainer.

Bezalel Market

If you still could not find something at low enough prices, then Bezalel Market is a good option while you stroll along King George Street. Located in the heart of Tel Aviv, it’s a fun place to visit and engage in some bargaining. The place is well known for its second hand retail jeans, kitchen utensils, fancy dresses, beauty products, home appliances, rugs, bags and more. The quality of products totally depends on your own judgement, but it is a quick and easy way to be thrifty on your holiday!

Dizengoff Antiques and Second-Hand Goods Market

Tel Aviv, antique market Dizengoff Square, Israel

Dizengoff Antiques and Second-hand Goods Market is just a stone’s throw away from Dizengoff Center. It carries a wide range of goods and merchandise on sale including antique jewelry, old paintings, black-and-white pod cards, retro home furnishings, musty old books, cameras, rare books, vintage clothing, posters, collectibles, notes and coins, old toys, and unique crockery for second-hand seekers and bargainers. The market is held twice a week on Tuesday and Friday,

Halper’s Books Market

Bookstore, Store
Students seeking second books for reasonable prices may find Halper’s Books Market to be their oasis in the desert. Here, in one of the best English bookstores in Tel Aviv, you can buy second-hand books of all genres, including great literature. Moreover, a selection of antique collectibles and rare books is also a point of attraction to this place.

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