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Overstay TLV | ©Courtesy of Overstay TLV/
Overstay TLV | ©Courtesy of Overstay TLV/

The Best Hostels in Tel Aviv

Picture of Lior Kantor
Updated: 5 January 2018

Tel Aviv is a favourite destination for culture, cuisine, beaches, and nightlife. However, it’s also quite small compared to other major cities, making real-estate very expensive – hotels included. Not to worry: in recent years there has been an increase in fun, comfortable hostels popping up throughout the city, ensuring you will enjoy your stay and meet great new friends!

Abraham Hostel

The “non-stop city” is a favourite tourist destination for many young people due to its style, nightlife, and beaches. That’s exactly why this Tel Aviv hostel in the heart of the city is so popular. While the dorm and private rooms offer basic and comfortable accommodation without much fuss, the shared spaces, bar and lobby are colourful, vibrant and in one word – fun. 

Gordon Inn & Suites

One of the most popular hostels in Tel Aviv, the Gordon Inn has received several awards for its service, clean facilities and staff. Unlike more family-run guesthouses on the list, this hostel is well-prepared to accommodate tourists and backpackers with a variety of rooms, communal areas, a large kitchen, tours and pick-up services… basically, all you need. However, you won’t need much help at this hostel, located only a five-minute walk to the Tel Aviv beach, boardwalk and the famous port.

Florentin House

For years, the Florentin neighborhood of Tel Aviv was considered a hidden gem. In recent years it has become recognised worldwide as the grungy, cool area of Tel Aviv. This is one of the coolest hostels in the city with well-designed dorms and private rooms, and is also home to one of the city’s best Asian restaurants.

Florentine Backpackers Hostel

Another option at the trendy Florentin neighbourhood, Florentine Hostel is an intimate, home-style hostel with a small number of private rooms, as well as dormitories. The hostel is located within walking distance of many attractions: 10 minutes to Jaffa, 10 minutes to the beach, 5 minutes to Neve Tzedek, and 15 minutes from Rothschild Street and the heart of Tel Aviv. Fall in love with the neighbourhood’s social, arts, and culinary variety and enjoy socialising, live music, occasional street parties, and the area’s famed restaurants and bars.

Milk & Honey Hostel

The Milk & Honey Hostel is located just a few steps from the up-and-coming Noga compound in Jaffa, where you can find many bars and restaurants, and just a few minutes’ walk from the nearest beach. A chilled, clean, and comfortable hotel just near the old town of Jaffa, this hostel reflects the true essence of Tel Aviv.

Chef Hostel Tel Aviv Montefiore

A family-run, very simply designed hostel in the heart of Tel Aviv, the guesthouse is located within a renovated 1900 century town villa, and now has a common area, showers, WiFi, a huge patio and an open kitchen mostly used by the hostel owner who is a chef and cooks for guests. The owners are also the operators of a TLV tour company, ideal for exploring the city.

Little Tel-Aviv Hostel

This is a truly “Tel Avivian” hostel, with local staff and many international visitors who are happy to embrace the local vibe. If you came to party, this is the place for you. If you came to sightsee and explore, then that is also the place for you. If you came to chill and hit the beach… getting the point? This is an embracing, open, comfortable hostel that will make sure you can make the best out of your vacation in Tel Aviv, however you want it to be.

Overstay TLV Hostel

This is definitely a youth party hostel. If you’re looking to explore the city’s incredible nightlife until the early hours of the morning and then chill at the beach till the next party, this is the place to stay. There are large common spaces, a terrace, rooftop, improvised BBQ, bar truck, lots of facilities, and Jaffa is only 10 minutes’ walk away. If, however, you are looking to get some rest or wake up early to explore, you may want to reconsider.