Tel Aviv's Top Ice Cream Joints For Cooling Off In Summer

©Anita Gelato
©Anita Gelato
Photo of Emily Turk
9 February 2017

Tel Aviv is a city that really heats up in summer, and ice cream is one of the best way to cool off here. Check out these great parlors for cones and tubs of creamy dessert that will satisfy any sweet tooth.


This is an ice cream lover’s dream come true. Vangilia offers an abundance of exotic and delicious flavors and vegan options. All ice cream starts with great milk, and Vangilia promises the richest, creamiest, and most delicious ice cream in all of its locations.

Citrus fruits collection | Courtesy of Vaniglia


Enjoy Anita’s creamy ice cream made with the freshest local ingredients in over 150 unique flavors. Take your pick and indulge in the best frozen yogurts, ice creams, sorbets and vegan options: everything is guilt free.

Courtesy of Anita Gelato | ©Anita Gelato Instagram

Tamara’s Yogurt

This healthy and refreshing frozen yogurt joint is the ulitimate go-to dessert spot. Tamara’s offers an abundance of flavors and toppings to satisfy your fro yo craving. The delicious dessert is only half the experience: Tamara’s also has a fun ambiance, perfect for enjoying your delicious and healthy dessert

Courtesy of Tamara Yoghurt | ©Tamara Yogurt Instagram

Gelateria Grinberg

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Grinberg Bistro, Israel
Grinberg Bistro, Israel | Courtesy of Gelateria Grainberg | By Emily Turk
This local ice cream shop can be found in the residential area of North Tel Aviv. The vibe is vintage, inspired by a 1920’s sweet shop. Gelateria serves ice cream with soul and love. Throughout the day, a variety of traditional flavors are made fresh and served right into your cup or cone. By Emily Turk