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The 10 Best Bars In Granada, Spain
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The 10 Best Bars In Granada, Spain

Picture of Rebecca Wilkinson
Updated: 9 February 2017
Popular with tourists and rich with history and culture, both Spanish and Arab influenced, Granada is one of Spain’s tourist hotspots. The nightlife here is certainly some of the best in Andalucia, largely thanks to the mass of students. Here we explore the 10 best bars in the beautiful city of Granada.
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Discoteca Aliatar

A club located in a historic building right in the heart of Granada, Discoteca Aliatar was once an old cinema, and now stands as the focal point for the nightlife of the city. By day, it hosts presentations and all types of events and festivals, and by night it transforms into the hottest drinking spot in the surrounding area. Discoteca Aliatar boasts a top floor dance area aglow with fluorescent lights, perfect for those looking for a late night.

Calle Recogidas, 2 Granada, Spain, +34 958 26 19 84

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Six Colours

Six Colours is one of Granada’s prominent gay bars, and guarantees a fun night out. For a colorful, bustling party, Six Colours is the place to be. This bar/dance club boasts a lively atmosphere, with bartenders dressed up in flamboyant, fun costumes. So for a young, friendly, and upbeat environment where you can just let go and enjoy, Six Colours is the place to be.

Calle Tendillas de Sta. Paula, 6, Granada, Spain, +34 958 20 39 95

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Sala Quilombo

A small but characterful bar, hidden away in the Realejo quarter of the city, Sala Quilombo is a popular and friendly place which plays host to various DJs from around Europe. With varied music to suit all tastes, playing everything from house to techno, Sala Quilombo is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. The drinks are another crowd-pleaser, with a range of delicious cocktails, beers and wines perfect for getting the evening started.

Carril de San Cecilio 21 Granada, Spain, +34 687659434

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El Son

This cocktail bar/late night music bar is a favorite with a wide age range. With the choice to head upstairs to enjoy some fantastic Latin music, or head down to the basement to pull out some moves on the dance floor, there’s something for everything. A fantastic demonstration of what it’s truly like to party Spanish style, El Son has very late closing hours, and lively guests who spend the night enjoying almost any song, and any drink.

Calle Joaquín Costa, 13, Granada, Spain, +34 958 225 605

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With its ever-growing popularity, Plantabaja welcomes a very diverse crowd, including some top DJs. Head on upstairs for lazy lounging sessions and a relaxing vibe, or downstairs for some hip hop and funk. Not just any old bar, Plantabaja is renowned for its fantastic concerts, of which there are many. Showcasing the best of all kinds of music, Plantabaja attracts diverse and cosmopolitan guests.

Calle Horno de Abad, 11, Granada, Spain

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Bodegas Castaneda

This traditional Spanish bar is ideally situated just of the Gran Vía and Calle Elvira, and is locally famous for its fantastic wines and free tapas. At some point, Bodegas Castaneda was split into two bars, with one on each street it intersects. Choose the side on Calle Almireceros if you want more traditional décor. Popular with tourists and locals alike, this bar serves generous portions of food, and offers drinks from huge wall mounted casks. A friendly and authentic Spanish environment, guests can relax in Bodegas Castaneda day and night, tasting the rich wine or delicious tapas.

Almireceros 1-3, Granada, Spain, +34 958 21 54 64

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Bodegas Espadafor

Located just off the Vía Colón, this traditional Granadine bar dates back to 1910, and features murals and collections of old posters on the walls, as well as large authentic wine barrels to complete the authentic atmosphere. With its free tapas and a choice of delicious evening meals, Bodegas Espadafor attracts locals and tourists alike, so go before peak hours to grab yourself a seat. The menu is comprised of simple yet much loved Spanish specialties, from tortilla to jamón, as well as a range of seafood, from octopus salad to shrimps.

Gran Via de Colon, 59, Granada, Spain, +34 958 20 21 38

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Booga Club

Open seven days a week until 7am, this bar is a lively and bustling place for those who want to enjoy some hip hop, jazz or reggae music, as well as the free drink that comes with the entrance ticket. Hosting numerous live music events and flamenco weekly, Booga Club never disappoints. It may be small, but it is a local favourite and promises a great night.

Calle Sta. Bárbara, 3, Granada, Spain

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Chupitería 69

If you’re looking for a bar which is the epitome of fun, then look no further than Chupitería 69. A favorite with the student community, Chupitería 69 runs off the idea that you earn a point per shot, which can then be redeemed for various novelty items and clothing. A fantastic drinking game in its own right, this bar is one of the best places to start your night in Granada. This stand-up bar boasts a lively and fun atmosphere all night, especially with the younger crowd.

Calle Sócrates, 12, Granada, Spain, +34 666 66 66 66

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La Marisma

Almost always full, La Marisma boasts a lively and friendly crowd, mostly deriving from the local student community. Guests can enjoy large beers for less than €2, and for those searching for a typically Spanish experience, La Marisma will give you just that by serving a cup of the much loved pipas, or sunflower seeds, alongside your beer. If you are looking for a comfortable yet bustling place to drink and make friends, head to La Marisma.

Calle Pedro Antonio de Alarcón, 87, Granada, Spain, +34 958 20 32 30