The Top Museums in Augsburg, Germany

Indian jewelry on display at Schaezlerpalais
Indian jewelry on display at Schaezlerpalais | © Adam Jones / WikiCommons
Photo of Anwesha Ray
19 March 2018

The bustling university city of Augsburg practically drenches you in art and culture. The city boasts a range of world-class museums, housing everything from ancient and contemporary art to historic locomotives, from Mozart’s manuscripts to puppets, from industrial artifacts to historic documents. Read our list of the most significant museums in Augsburg – you can be sure that at least a few will pique your interest.


Schaezlerpalais | © Mogadir / Wikimedia Commons

If you are an art enthusiast, the stunning 18th-century Schaezlerpalais is sure to capture your attention for hours. The lavish interior of the palace houses the German Baroque Gallery and the State Gallery. The permanent exhibitions at Schaezlerpalais includes invaluable artwork by iconic painters, including Paolo Veronese, Holbein the Elder, Hans Burgkmair the Elder, Albrecht Dürer, Canaletto, and Giovanni Battista Tiepolo, among others. Moreover, temporary exhibitions are held here on a regular basis.

Augsburger Puppentheatermuseum

Augsburger Puppentheatermuseum has been a favorite with adult and children ever since its inauguration. This museum is home to countless dolls and puppets from all corners of Europe. Each puppet, with a different avatar and a story behind it, is a treasure. The museum offers guided tours in several languages (including English). The museum also hosts temporary exhibitions from time to time.

Kunstmuseum Walter im Glaspalast

Kunstmuseum Walter | © Mailtosap / Wikimedia Commons | © Mailtosap / Wikimedia Commons

This museum, owned by and exhibiting the private collection of Ignaz Walter, has achieved a great deal of popularity among art lovers, thanks to its enviable collection of contemporary art. The collection spans the period between the mid-20th century and the present day. Budget several hours to visit Kunstmuseum Walter im Glaspalast, as the collection consists of over 1,000 paintings. Most visitors also spend a lot of time admiring the Glass Collection by Egidio Costantini.

H2 Zentrum für Gegenwartskunst


If your appetite for art is insatiable, you will never run out of food for the soul in Augsburg. H2 Zentrum für Gegenwartskunst (H2 Center for Contemporary Art) is yet another awesome museum of contemporary art in town. Creations of famous artists like Tony Cragg, Tobias Rehberger, Christopher Koch, Klaus Zöttl, and Felix Weinold, are proudly displayed in this museum. If you are interested in browsing books on art, hit up the museum library.

Textil- und Industriemuseum


In the 19th century, Augsburg’s booming textile industry had earned it immense fame and wealth. This museum stands as a monument to the industrial heritage of the city. On a tour of this museum, you can expect to learn in detail about the flourishing textile trade and its gradual decline. The museum holds the attention of visitors with an interesting collection of pattern books, fabric samples, and textile equipment from various eras.

Maximilian Museum

Maximilianmuseum | © Mattes / Wikimedia Commons | © Mattes / Wikimedia Commons

This is not only a focal point in terms of the art museums in Augsburg, but a famous landmark of the city because of its stunning architecture, especially its glass-domed courtyard. The collection at this museum includes a massive range of decorative arts, including sculptures, craftwork, paintings, and artifacts.

Mozarthaus Augsburg


Visiting the first housing complex in the world, Fuggerei, is a must while holidaying in Augsburg. And when in Fuggerei, you just can’t miss Mozarthaus. This is the house where the great musician, Leopold Mozart, father of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, was born and lived with his family for many years. Today, his residence is a museum, allowing music lovers a glimpse of the lives of the legendary family, through books, documents, photos, and musical equipment. In August-September, the massive Mozart festival is held here.

Augsburg Railway Park


At the Augsburg Railway Park, historic locomotives are repaired, refurbished, and given a new lease on life. It also houses model trains. This museum is sure to take you on a nostalgic ride to bygone times. Please note that it is possible to visit this museum only as part of a guided tour. Tours are hosted from March onward, every Sunday, at 1pm or 3pm. Make sure to check the schedule on their website before visiting.

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