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The Top 10 Techno Clubs In Germany

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Updated: 23 September 2016
Germany has certainly done its part in developing the genre of techno music, particularly as a countercultural response in protests to the country’s division during the 1980s. Throughout the ’90s and into the 21st century, the culture has only continued to flourish, largely thanks to Germany’s many techno clubs. Here are the top ten to visit.

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Temple of techno, Berghain in Berlin | © / Flickr


Without a doubt, Berlin’s most famous techno club, Berghain stands at the foundation of the city’s reputation as the nightlife capital of the world. What is technically a gay or fetish club welcomes every one…as long as they are able to make it past the Berghain’s very own Charon, Sven, who guards the door in adherence to a very strict and enigmatic entrance policy. Once inside, however, this cavernous power plant turned night club in Friedrichshain offers something of a hedonistic free-for-all set to the sound of a variety of different techno styles strung in sets spun by renowned DJs from around the world.

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Once the ‘Berghain’ of the city’s earlier underground days, particularly during the early ’90s, Tresor is still one of the most famous clubs in Berlin. In 2007, it was relocated from the vaults of the East Berlin department store, Wertheim, to the Kraftwerk complex in Mitte, where events like the experimental Berlin Atonal now take place each August. Tresor is known for its phenomenal acoustics and its labyrinthine network of tunnels and secret rooms. Owner, Dimitri Hegemann, has also proposed the idea for an interactive techno museum as part of the club, and the project is scheduled to commence in the near future.

Köpenicker Str. 70, Berlin, Germany, +49 030 62908750


One of Berlin’s hippest up-and-coming clubs is Chalet. Situated along the Spree, the club is housed in this 19th-century building whose interior lounge areas are decorated in antiquated style, adding a sense of aesthetic beauty to what is Berlin’s typically dark, edgy, minimal techno club scene. Plus, there is a leafy terrace complete with a pond whose trees are illuminated with hanging lanterns. Of course, there are dance floors where guests can groove to techno music situated within the club as well, offering the perfect balance of relaxation and energetic party time. Chalet is certainly a magical departure from the grungier underground majority of techno clubs.

Vor dem Schlesischen Tor 3, Berlin, Germany, +49 030 69536290

The tree of life

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Club der Visionaere
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Club der Visionaere | © Nacho Pintos / Flickr

Club der Visionaere

At least a visit or two to Club der Visionaere is a quintessential part of any summer in Berlin. This club, located near Görlitzer Park and a short bike ride from most of the city’s other major nightlife destinations, is perched right on the water, beneath massive weeping willow trees set aglow in Technicolor lights. People typically come here as a preface to a night of club-hopping as it is lovely in the earlier evening for a drink and a bit of preliminary dancing. On the contrary, CDV is also popular for the techno parties it hosts on Sunday afternoons.

Am Flutgraben, Berlin, Germany, +49 030 69518942

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Harry Klein

Munich, one of Germany’s wealthier cities, also has a bit of nightlife worth noting. The nightclub Harry Klein in particular is renowned for its techno performances, which are complete with astounding light and visual effects. Named for the British saxophonist who occasionally recorded with the Beatles, don’t expect to find much jazz at this club. No doubt, this is the best place in Munich to catch some of the most famous DJs because Harry Klein it is regarded as the city’s premier venue for techno and electronic music.