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The 10 Best Breakfasts And Brunches In Dortmund, Germany
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The 10 Best Breakfasts And Brunches In Dortmund, Germany

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Updated: 4 November 2016
We head down to the buzzing and cutting-edge cultural hub of North Rhine-Westphalia. Here, we take a look at some of the best spots for breakfast and brunch in Dortmund, Germany.
Westenhellweg, Dortmund
Westenhellweg, Dortmund | © photobeppus/Flickr
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Kieztortchen is a chic cafe where coffee is savored on the corner of Essener Street and where a simple visit contributes to the bright starting of the day. The petite place is a mix of good lighting, modern, minimalist furniture and fine gastronomy. Sweet-toothed patrons can rejoice here with organic muffins, cinnamon rolls, and homemade cakes. Meanwhile, the health-oriented have their own range of shakes, soups and salads to dig into.

Kieztortchen, Essener Str. 12, Dortmund, Germany, +49 0231 33037202

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Café Solo

With a great panorama over the Phoenix Lake, Café Solo is a stylish cafe with relaxing vibes. The industrial interior is quite spacious and captures daylight though its glass doors. The terrace offers a view towards the lake’s peaceful landscape. For eating, the cafe offers four types of breakfast, from small to gourmet, in accordance to the degree of hunger. From warm pita breads, filled with fresh cheese or tuna, to eggs and sausages and orange juice, Café Solo settles every type of early morning craving.

Café Solo, Hörde, Dortmund, Germany, +49 0231 22202888

Sausage Breakfast
Sausage Breakfast | © Brian Ambrozy/Flickr
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Located close to the outskirts of Dortmund, Overkamp is a mansion-retreat for special occasions that require a refined atmosphere and a taste of Westphalian cuisine. The Overkamps are a family with a tradition of more than 300 years in Dortmund. The last descendent, Heinrich Wilhelm Overkamp, now carries the family trade with great pride. The restaurant comprises regional brunch dishes, like traditional cold cuts complete with blood and liver sausages, local cheese and fresh vegetables.

Overkamp, Am Ellberg 1, 44265 Dortmund, +49 0231 462736

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A modern restaurant located near Saint Mary’s Church Parish, Rigoletto is a place where the gastronomy meets interesting architecture. The tubular glass cupola that shelters the exquisite restaurant offers proximity to the sun along with an interesting view towards Klepping Street. From 8.30am to 12pm Rigoletto also serves a delicious Italian breakfast buffet. It includes a variety of cheeses, sausages, omelets, crispy croissants and pancakes.

Rigoletto Dortmund, Kleppingstraße 9, Dortmund, Germany, +49 0231 1504431

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Zum Alten Markt

Right in the historical heart of Dortmund, Zum Alten Markt is an authentic restaurant with tradition and unmatched popularity in the city. Founded in the mid-1950s, the restaurant has been famous ever since. Its popularity stems from its exquisite, rustic cuisine, its dark wooden decor and simply the cozy atmosphere that dominates. In terms of brunch, the offering is generous. The regional salt cake, bread rolls, sour cream and other interesting dishes adorn the menu.

Zum Alten Markt, Markt 3, Dortmund, Germany, +49 0231 572217

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Café Chokolat

Café Chokolat is a petite vintage cafe, brasserie, patisserie, and local cultural center all rolled into one. The multitude of options on offer at Café Chokolat make it a fine choice for both breakfast and brunch. Especially for early risers, the buffet is composed of fresh assemblies of vegetables, cheeses, olives and bruschetta. The fruit cocktails are picked out of the season’s best choices.

Café Chokolat, Neuer Graben 74, Dortmund, Germany, +49 0231 10876380

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Hidden in the landscape of Möllerbrücke, Guttut is one of the vegetarian and vegan secrets of Dortmund. It comprises a delicious array of gluten-free dishes and meat-free choices. The healthy oasis is a place where all ingredients are from biologically controlled environments, while the sustainability concept extends even to the recycled packing materials. For breakfast, the offer is mouthwatering, with three types of croissant: whole wheat, chocolate and butter. There’s also plenty of home-baked cookies.

Guttut, Lindemannstr. 4, Dortmund, Germany, +49 231 189 672 3

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Neues Schwarz

On the corner of Saarland Street is the ‘New Black’, where coffee is lifted to the rank of cultural treat. Camouflaged as a simple coffee shop, the full-blown roastery resides in the back, where beans from Finca Los Naranjos in Colombia, Ethiopia and Indonesia become the magical powder we all know and love. The greatest part about Neues Schwarz however is that besides gathering special coffee types, it also hosts special tasting events and even offers some tasty and filling breakfasts.

Neues Schwarz, Kaffeerösterei, Saarlandstrasse 33, Dortmund, Germany, +49 0231 28678960

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Schoenes Leben

This restaurant is called ‘Beautiful Life‘ for a reason; it celebrates the joy of living through good food and a cheerful atmosphere. Schoenes Leben is distinctive because of the attentive and personalized service it offers. The interior is memorable, covered in timber furniture, classy lighting and modern graphic paintings. For breakfast, the variety on the menu includes house specials with a full bread basket, marmalade, cold cuts, butter, and freshly pressed juice to name just a few.

Schoenes Leben, Liebigstraße 23, Dortmund, Germany, +49 0231 33045227

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Linus Café

Linus Café is a stylish restaurant that is situated in the center of Dortmund and is most often frequented by shoppers mid-spree. The brunch session is perfect for casual social gatherings. During the week, it is a place where business is discussed over a cup of coffee or on the al fresco timber terrace. Expect a buffet with bread rolls, scrambled eggs, and a specialty called Saltzkuchen – something akin to a bagel.

Linus, Propsteihof 9, Dortmund, Germany, +49 0231 18999977