The 10 Best Bars In Dortmund, Germany

Dortmund, Germany |© Wikimedia Commons
Dortmund, Germany |© Wikimedia Commons
Photo of Eliza Marin
9 February 2017

The bar scene in Dortmund is energetic to say the least, with vintage party trams and re-purposed bars, lavish lounges and swish joints. Here, we take a look at the top spots for a drink in this happening German town.

Linie 403

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Marlene bar
Marlene bar | © Dosionair/Flickr
Imagine drinking the night away in an old tram. Well, this is exactly what the owners of Linie 403 thought when they repurposed a vintage carriage and plonked it on one of Dortmund’s central streets. Cool as it sounds, the tramway was built in 1974 and the model seen today is a GT8, one of the last of 90 others that were running though Dortmund until 2001. The bar itself is tight and cozy and the original wooden seats contribute a lot to the quirky atmosphere, making it totally worth a visit.

Marlene bar

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Brinkhoffs at Domicil
Brinkhoffs at Domicil | © Dr. Frank/Flickr
An underground explosion of sound and taste, Marlene knows what serious drinking is and how to do it. Stylish new graffiti adorns the entrance, while the dance bar is located three levels under the street. Two nights a week an insane party mood erupts here and the place becomes packed out with students and revellers of all shapes and sizes.


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Martin Gallop at Subrosa, Dortmund
Martin Gallop at Subrosa, Dortmund | © Simon Bierwald/Flickr
Domicil bar is located on the ground floor and makes delicious cocktails all year round, serving veggie-firendly snacks in between rounds. The diner and bar atmosphere here has a special effect, maximising coziness and ambience and filling the spot with good vibes. The drinks here are diverse, but favorites include the Brinkhoffs and whiskey.


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Wenkers | © Helfmann/Wikicommons
Subrosa’s popularity comes from all corners and unites the kind of crowd that no one expects. Housing one of the smallest festivals ever, the Drei Acts à 33 Minuten, the bar is particularly focused on poetry jams and searching for talent pools wherever they can be found. When they are not hosting live concerts and great music, the bar opens the Bundesliga program and holds a long Prost with the delicious cellar beer Zwickl.

Wenkers Brauhaus Am Markt

Famous for its laid-back atmosphere, Wenkers Am Markt, a brewery, is a veritable institution of the city; a spot where everyone in town looking for a great place to have a relaxed night and a frothy ale visits. Wenkers is the oldest brewery in Westphalia, known for its first produced beer back in 1430, and now boasting almost six centuries of beer tradition. Choose from the 5 per cent alcohol Wenkers Urtrüb, or the special black beer made at Wenkers for something a little stronger.
Address & telephone: Wenkers Brauhaus Am Markt, Betenstraße 1, Dortmund, Germany, +49 0231 527548


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Balke is a small distillery pub that brings a taste for gin straight to Dortmund and keeps patrons coming back with a chic atmosphere that’s unlike any other ordinary pub. There’s plenty of gin options, many made to the in-house secret recipe, which features fine, fresh juniper berries and a pinch of coriander with lemongrass, ginger and bitter orange.

CU Bar

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With a great central location on Kamp Street, CU is known for its cozy beer garden and crazy party nights. Not missing from the program are football broadcasts and live music and performances, all of which animate the crowd here to no end. The atmosphere is completed by a relaxed vibe and extensive drinks menu, which brings with it some of the cheapest cocktails in town.

New Islands

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New Islands is a restaurant-bar with a lounge-like atmosphere and a passion for all things purple. An absolutely lavish interior with comfortable long couches, crystal chandeliers and small bamboo arrangements dominates, making the aesthetics here just dashing. Drinks, meanwhile, go from Bahama Mama cocktails to special gins, beers and Pina Coladas.


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A charming neighborhood bar, B-trieb is doused in candle light, its the timber walls echoing with live music and a smooth, very German atmosphere. Traditional but with a particular personality, B-trieb is a tremendous place to hit to start a night off. Hosting events with local bands, some acoustic, some soul and even a pinch of jazz means the nights here are never boring.

Bam Boomerang

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Bam Boomerang is an Australian bar in Dortmund and a real favorite for sports lovers looking to catch their event on the big screen. This tropical oasis has an allure of the Australian shores, with green plants hanging everywhere and cactus popping up form hidden corners. The surroundings are made of bricks and bamboo and the wooden floor and light furniture fits perfectly, like a terrace on the beach. To drink, the Boomschakalaka is a rum flavored cocktail and for food the kangaroo steak is just spectacular.