A Solo Traveler's Guide to Augsburg, Germany

Traveler | © Meditations/Pixabay
Traveler | © Meditations/Pixabay
The ancient university town of Augsburg is a wanderer’s delight. It is the city of Mozart, the world’s oldest housing complex, outstanding architecture, rich culture and centuries of history. With its low crime rate and vibrant international crowd, it’s also a perfectly safe place for solo travelers from anywhere in the world.

Gather information

Like with almost any city, the Tourist Information office is a great first stop in Augsburg. The staff there will be happy to answer any questions you might have about exploring the city, accommodation or tours. You can also pick up a map of the city and book your hotel and guided tours, if you haven’t done so already. To get you started, here is a map of the city and the main sights.

Find the perfect roof over your head

Augsburg has a huge range of hotels and apartments catering to all possible budgets and tastes. In case you are on a budget or would like to socialize with other solo travelers, it might be fun staying in the Youth Hostel. It’s clean, safe and meets all basic needs (including wifi).

Get around town smart

If you’re holidaying in Bavaria, it might be a wise idea to invest in the Bayern Ticket. This ticket is valid for unlimited travel for one individual in regional trains, local buses and trams throughout Bavaria, including Augsburg. It’s currently priced at €23 ($28 USD) for one person and gets a lot cheaper if you make new friends and travel in small groups. The ticket is valid from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 3 am of the following day. On Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, it is valid starting at midnight. It is available across airports and railway stations in Bavaria, at automatic kiosks and from bus drivers in any Bavarian city, though it is not valid for long-distance bus journeys.

Alternatively, you can purchase a day ticket for unlimited use of public transport in Augsburg starting at €6.40 ($8 USD). Of course, you can also choose to buy a single-use ticket every time you use the public transport, but remember to stamp your ticket when you board a tram to avoid a fine of €60 ($74 USD).

The other popular option for exploring Augsburg is to hire a bike. All the sightseeing spots in Augsburg, including the zoo and the sprawling Siebentischwald forest, are easily accessible by bike. Bikes can be rented from several bus stops and bike shops around the city.

Augsburg skyline © thfr/Pixabay

Mingle with the locals

Some wise person once said that if you wish to really understand the culture of a place, visit one of its bars. This holds true for Augsburg as well. While there are awesome bars, pubs and nightclubs in Augsburg, if you wish to mingle with English-speakers from all over the world, head to one of the Irish pubs. They are known for their international crowd, friendly environment, live music, great food and drinks and games on big screens.

Fuggerei neighbourhood © Yuri Turkov / Shutterstock

Take a guided tour

While exploring a city on your own, armed with a map, is thrilling in itself, there are several distinct advantages of joining a group tour. First, a guided tour will help you cover more ground more quickly, which is especially advantageous if you are in town for only a short time. You will also get to meet people from all over the world. Most importantly, you will get to discover the city from a local’s perspective. Tour guides almost always have their secret spots, offbeat locations or interesting stories up their sleeves that you won’t find on a map or in a guidebook.

The Free Walking Tour run by local youngsters is one of the most popular tours in Augsburg. Alternatively, you can take part in a Segway tour if you wish to go around the city in a unique fashion. For other guided tours, inquire at the Tourism office.

Augsburg Cathedral © Adam Jones/Flickr