20 Must-Visit Attractions in the Black Forest

The Black Forest (Schwarzwald) is an impenetrably dense forested mountain range in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. The Black Forest is the setting for Grimm Brothers Fairy Tales and also known for its thermal hot springs, spa towns, and crystal-clear lakes. It is the home of cuckoo clocks and the delectable Black Forest cake. Here is our list of the best and most enjoyable things that travelers shouldn’t miss while holidaying in Black Forest.


Any holiday that starts with a thick slice of Black Forest Cake (Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte) is bound to be awesome. To tick off the most attractive thing in Black Forest off the list, travelers can head to any bakery of their choice in any Black Forest town. This happiness on a plate is made of layers of chocolate cake and whipped cream, with a generous dose of Morello cherries and a shot of Kirsch (cherry alcohol).

Black Forest cake © Couleur / Pixabay

Baden-Baden thermal baths

The picture-perfect spa town of Baden-Baden is fed by 12 hot springs that boast of curative powers, apart from being wonderfully rejuvenating. Two thermal bathhouses in Baden Baden, Friedrichsbad and Caracalla Spa, offer visitors refreshing thermal baths, massages, saunas, and a whole lot of luxury wellness options.


Mummelsee, located at a height of 3,399 feet in the lap of imposing mountains, is believed to be the abode of mermaids and the King of Mummelsee. A glimpse of this pristine lake, amber green with the reflection of the surrounding greenery, makes it easy to actually believe these myths.
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Schwarzwald Hochstrasse

Schwarzwald Hochstrasse is a 60-km-long panorama road that stretches form Baden-Baden to Freudenstadt. This is one of the most popular driving, biking and hiking trails in Black Forest. It offers uninterrupted views of majestic mountain ranges, valleys, meadows and endless fun, gastronomy and recreation options.

Freiburger Münster

Freiburger Münster
Freiburger Münster | © Couleur / Pixabay
The history of Freiburger Münster can be traced back to year 1200. This historic work of Gothic architecture has an intricate design and sculptures, and an equally stunning interior. In the words of the Swiss historian Jacob Burckhardt, the church spire “will forever remain the most beautiful spire on earth.”
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Upper Danube Valley Nature Reserve

Hiking Trail, Park, Ruins, Natural Feature
The Upper Danube Nature Park is a unique landscape that is home to a vast number of rare flora and fauna. Alongside, a walk through this protected land is a journey down the pages of history. Travelers can easily spend several busy days exploring all the castles, ruins, abbeys, palaces, and hiking trails.
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Hell’s Valley

Hell’s Valley is a 9-km-long stretch of deep gorge-like valley between Freiburg and Hinterzarten. It got its name because of its dangerous terrain back in the old days. Today, a train ride through Hell’s valley is one of the most loved attractions in Black Forest.

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