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The 10 Best Bars in Ayia Napa
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The 10 Best Bars in Ayia Napa

Picture of Ayse Huseyin
Updated: 9 February 2017
When you think of an excellent night out, Ayia Napa is one of the first places that comes to mind – and with good reason! The famous strip is home to an array of clubs, bars and restaurants that will make any holiday memorable! Whether you’re after a relaxing way to wind down at the end of the day, or a bar to get you in the mood for a legendary night out, Ayia Napa has the place for you!
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Sage Restaurant & Wine Bar

This classy restaurant and wine bar will give you the opportunity to enjoy traditional Cypriot delicacies and world-class local and internationally imported wines. No matter what your preferences, you can be sure to find a familiar favorite to complement your meal, or if you’re feeling adventurous, a new favorite wine. If you enjoy good wine and good times, then look no further than Sage Restaurant & Wine Bar.

Sage Restaurant ‪& Wine Bar, Kryou Nerou , 8 | Next to Liquid CafeBar, Ayia Napa, Cyprus, +357 23 819276

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Flames Restaurant and Bar

Many of the guests who visit Flames Restaurant and Bar claim that it is one of the best restaurants in all of Ayia Napa. The service is renowned throughout the area for being excellent and many previous guests are especially impressed that the drinks menu is as extensive as the food menu. In the district of Ayia Napa, if you’re looking to start the night or enjoy a fantastic meal, this is without a doubt the place for you.

Flames Restaurant and Bar, 58 Ayias Mavris street, Ayia Napa,Cyprus, +357 23 722774

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Blueberries Restaurant and Bar

This is another bar in the area that is highly favored by many loyal tourists and locals, also doubling as a restaurant. Whether a new customer or a regular, you’ll be welcomed with open arms and free to choose from beers, wines, spirits and cocktails. Whether you would like a recommendation for dinner or a relaxing drink to take the edge off, you can leave your worries at the door at Blueberries. Their hoards of loyal diners can’t be wrong!

Blueberries Restaurant and Bar, Ayia Napa, Cyprus, +357 237 22024

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Pepper Bar Lounge

This bar is visually incredible! Its neon lights, white fixtures and angular furniture combine modernity with a psychedelic chicness. This bar is especially famed for its atmosphere and music as well as the novelty of being able to order sushi (a dish not commonly found in Cypriot bars). Many tourists who have visited the bar in the past, insist that it is the best in Ayia Napa and its cocktails are the best in all of Cyprus!

Pepper Bar Lounge, Napa Plaza Hotel, Makarios Avenue, Ayia Napa, Cyprus, +357 23 816555

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Liquid Café Bar

Enjoy a drink and shisha in this sophisticated location. The bar is modern and the staff are experts in their field. The varied drinks menu will ensure that you find a cocktail that’s expertly blended and refreshing, beers that are cold, and world class wines that are internationally imported. Cocktails are often served in jars and accompanied by real fruit and vegetables ensuring a tangy burst of flavor to make every drink a delight!

‪Liquid Cafe Bar, Kryou Nerou 10, AyiaNapa, Cyprus, +357 23 819276

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The Agrotikon Restaurant & Bar

No matter what sort of experience you’re seeking, this bar has it all. From casual drinks by the side of the bar, to a world-class list of wines to complement your traditional Cypriot meal, The Agrotikon Restaurant & Bar will cater with a smile! The owner of the bar makes a point of welcoming and chatting to each of his customers, whether veterans or new faces! Don’t delay to visit a bar that you’ll want to visit time and time again.

The Agrotikon Restaurant & Bar, 136 Nissi Avenue, Ayia Napa, Cyprus, +357 23 725465

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Abacus Restaurant and Lounge Bar

As Cyprus becomes increasingly inspired by Western modern décor, it isn’t uncommon to find bars that uniquely combine traditional furniture of the island, with an original take on styles found in America and the UK. Such is the case in Abacus Restaurant and Lounge Bar where you can find a well- lit, light interior with the occasional rustic bit of furniture in tribute to the island location. All of the drinks are universally popular so don’t delay in visiting one of Cyprus’ most popular social destinations!

Abacus Restaurant and Lounge Bar, 16 Kryou Nerou Street, Ayia Napa, Cyprus, +357 23 721342

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Ambassaden Bar

The Ambassaden Bar is a bar and club combined. Here, you can expect to find cheap drinks, an incredible party atmosphere, friendly staff, and the makings of the best night of your trip. Set against the intoxicating glow of pink and blue neon light, a drink and a dance floor are the only ingredients needed to ensure that you have a night you’ll be talking about for years to come!

Ambassaden Bar, The Square, Ayia Napa, Cyprus, +357 23 721783

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Nissaki Bar Restaurant

Over canopied outdoor seating and lush green grounds are the perfect location for this stylish bar. The venue can cater for any occasion and is popular with wedding receptions as well as casual socializing. The bar is also right next to the beach and so whether you feel like food or drinks, this is an excellent choice. The white wine is especially popular and settling back with a glass as you watch the sunset will be the perfect end to any day.

Nissaki Bar Restaurant, Ayias Theklas Beach road, Ayia Napa, Cyprus, +357 99 442847

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The Square Bar

Let the good times roll! With a variety of drink offers, the latest music releases and fun-loving crowds flocking here every night, you’ll want to spend every night of your trip right here. Every night will offer a unique and fun experience that can’t be found anywhere else in Cyprus! All that is needed here, is you. Don’t delay as this is an essential location for any person that wants to have the time of their life!

The Square Bar, The Square, Ayia Napa, Cyprus, +357 99 274805