The Best Hot Dog Carts in Puerto Rico

Hot dog carts are common in the plazas and parks of Puerto Rico
Hot dog carts are common in the plazas and parks of Puerto Rico | © Ruth Hartnup/flickr
Photo of Kris Pethick
15 March 2018

The food trucks of Puerto Rico are extraordinary and create some of the greatest food on the island, and that includes the hot dog carts. You can get a simple dog with mustard or build your own gourmet dog with pico de gallo and fresh mozzarella. Almost every city will have a hot dog cart in their plaza or park, and watch the side of the road or streets for some of the best dogs you will ever try.

Puruko Hot Dog

Food Truck, Contemporary, Fast Food, American, Street Food
Grab a hot dog or polish sausage from Puruko in Cabo Rojo | © Kristine Pethick/flickr

Puruko Hot Dogs in Cabo Rojo serves some of Puerto Rico’s best hot dogs on the island. Work up an appetite with a brisk walk around the Rebekah Colberg Sports Complex and maybe even try a workout at the open-air gym or some practice in the batting cages, then stop at Puruko on your way out of the park. Choose from a regular hot dog or a salchicha polaca (Polish sausage), and then ask for your favorite toppings. A fully loaded dog will come with onions, sauerkraut, chili, mustard, ketchup, cheese sauce, and potato sticks. Wash it down with an ice-cold drink and you’ll be in hot-dog heaven.

Punto Verde Hot Dogs

Food Truck, American, Street Food
Most hot dog vendors have their own chili con carne to top their dogs | © stu_spivack

Punto Verde is not a hot dog cart you want to just happen upon, Punto Verde is the hot dog cart you search for. Located in front of the Lions Club in Ponce, Mercedes is always busy serving up delicious hot dogs to her loyal and new customers. She also has hamburgers, and for drinks she has juice, soda and Malta. Try one of these great dogs when you are in Ponce!

Planet Hot Dogs

Food Truck, American, Street Food
Hot dogs can be made to your specific taste preferences | © Mark Bonica/flickr

Look in the gas station parking lots of Puerto Rico, and you will find some amazing food. Pinchos, empanadillas, sandwiches and, of course, hot dogs. In the lot of the Puma station on PR-693 in Dorado, check out Planet Hot Dogs. It is your traditional dog that you will find around the island, and so tasty. Great for that quick bite after you fill up with gas and travel onward in your journey around the island.

Prros Locos

Bar, Restaurant, American, Pub Grub, $$$
Spice up your gourmet dog with a little sriracha sauce and an order of onion rings on the side | © Prros Locos

There are many hot dog carts in San Juan, most of which are just wonderful (look for the long lines, they speak volumes), but while Prros Locos is a restaurant, not a street cart, it is a gourmet twist on the hot dog and if you are a lover of this American treat, you have to give them a try. They are a “build your own” establishment, and theirmenu is set up in four easy steps. First choose your bread, no regular old hot dog bun for this crowd! They have brioche buns, or for those who wish to be gluten-free or are watching their carbs, you can get a lettuce wrap. Step 2 is the meat: hot dog, polish sausage, veggie dog, hamburger, chicken or a veggie burger. In Step 3 you can choose as many as 12 different sauces. Ketchup and mustard are free, the rest are $.50-$.75. The final step is your toppings, and this is where it really gets fun. Mix and match toppings with sauces to make a hot dog (or 2…or 3) that is all your own! They do have hot dog specialties as well, so maybe try one of your own and one of theirs. Don’t forget a side of onion rings!

Criollita del Sabor

Food Truck, Street Food, $$$
Criollita del Sabor in Mayagüez is great for breakfast and lunch | © Kristine Pethick/flickr

You will have a hard time getting by the Selectos supermarket on 102 in Mayagüez during breakfast and lunch hours, because the hot dog cart on that street, Criollita del Sabor, is seriously crowded. You will probably have to park a couple blocks away and walk, but it’s worth the stroll to have one or two of their awesome hot dogs. They also have incredible sandwiches, as well as hamburgers. They open at 7am, and stay open until about 2pm, or when the food runs out for that day.

Pinchera la Garita

Food Truck, Pub Grub, Caribbean, Street Food
Try a simple dog with just pickled onions, sauerkraut & mustard | © Kristine Pethick/flickr

Stop at Pinchera la Garita for great hot dogs and some fun times with the ladies who run it. Located in the southeast corner of the UltraTop Fuel parking lot, this food stand has a constant stream of people dining “in” and grabbing take-away for breakfast and lunch. Get one of their loaded hot dogs for breakfast and wash it down with a cold Coke, and you will have a great start to your day. If you can’t make it for breakfast, head there for lunch. Or both. They also have amazing hamburgers. Wraps and burritos are available on occasion.

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