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Dance Salsa in Cali | Courtesy of Swing Latino
Dance Salsa in Cali | Courtesy of Swing Latino
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10 Best Puerto Rican Tracks to Add to Your Playlist

Picture of Kris Pethick
Updated: 27 December 2017
The music is as much a part of daily life in Puerto Rico as food and water. Download these songs and create your own island playlist.

‘Preciosa’ Marc Anthony (1998)

‘En Mi Viejo San Juan’ Noel Estrada (1943)

‘Verde Luz’ Danny Rivera and Antonio Cabán (2006)

‘Quien No se Siente Patriota’ Andy Montañez (2006)

‘La Estrella Sola’ Andres Jimenez (2010)

‘Mama Borinquen me Llama’ Andres Jimenez (2012)

‘Boricua en la Luna’ Roy Brown (1990)

‘Despacito ft. Daddy Yankee’ Luis Fonsi (2017)

‘Mi Gente’ Hector Lavoe (1975)

‘Las Caras Lundas’ Ismael Rivera (1970s)