Jamaican Instagrammers You Need to Follow

Rashade St Patrick | © Kingston Belle
Rashade St Patrick | © Kingston Belle
Photo of Lyndsey Kilifin
16 June 2017

Jamaica is awash with visually arresting landscapes and beautiful, clear waters, usually topped with bright blue skies. Powerful cultural touchstones of music, arts, fashion and Rastafarianism seek out and embrace the photographer’s lens. So, what better way to appreciate the island of Jamaica than through the eyes of these top Jamaican Instagrammers?

Rashade St Patrick, @mrkingstonbelle

Captain of the cool creative ship Kingston Belle, Rashade leads the Kingston Belle culture and society website and the Kingston Belle Collective Creative Agency with visual aplomb. Rashade champions island culture, arts, fashion and literature, and has been the most consistent online brand in this space for a number of years. A young man with a worthy mission, his Instagram feed is guaranteed to uplift you with a smile.

Natasha Lee-Duhaney, @natashaleeds

Championing Caribbean fashion, Natasha channels an island aesthetic that has a reassuringly accessible luxe feel. Her keen eye for fashion photography is showcased through her Instagram feed. Particularly enjoyable are the outdoor fashion shoots, that really make the most of Jamaica’s stunning visual backdrop. Natasha is on a mission to inspire, empower and motivate followers to embrace island style with some practical tips and natural product recommendations.

Rohan ‘Quite’ Perry, @quiteperry

Outstanding Jamaican comedian Quite Perry raises a smile with his upbeat humor and razor-sharp wit. His Instagram video skits offer the best of island humor – this is laugh-out-loud stuff. Spot-on observational comedy sending up Jamaican stereotypes always gets a laugh.

Kaci Fennell Shirley, @kacifen

Kaci Fennell Shirley is a fashion ambassador for Jamaica. This former Miss Universe contender projects a relentlessly positive and good-looking vision of life through her Instagram account. Enjoy her upbeat Jamaican attitude and visually captivating feed.

Asafa Powell, @asafasub10king

Asafa Powell is a Jamaican Olympic athlete and former world-record holder for the 100-meter sprint. This multiple gold medal-winning athlete is an ambassador for all that is great about Jamaica. Handsome and a snappy dresser with a taste for fast cars, he combines athletics and fashion modelling, putting him high up on the Jamaica Instagram podium.

👌🏽 photographer @Derron_w_44

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Spice, @spiceofficial

Dancehall artist and ‘Queen of Stage’ Spice, aka Grace Hamilton, has her own competitive, award-winning dance troupe, Team Spice. Her endlessly entertaining content includes numerous videos of the team dancing, plus interviews, events and much more. In fact, her Instagram is virtually a personal reality TV channel. To stay in touch with popular dancehall culture, stay in touch with Spice.

Lisa Hanna, @lisahannamp

Jamaican politician and former Miss World (1993), Lisa Hanna is an engaging presence on the Jamaican political stage and popular with the youth vote. Using Instagram to reach out to the people of Jamaica in her role as opposition spokesperson on youth and culture, Hanna is well worth following.

"No that can't be it!" I blurted, and the tears poured down. My father, God rest his soul, was a simple man who neither inherited wealth nor did he “make it” in life. He was content in having a cup of coffee in the morning and watching the evening news. For him Listerine was the cure for everything including dandruff, the common cold, bruises, and constipation. "Just gargle with Listerine" he’d say. A pragmatist, he loved the common man, drove a pickup all his life not only to buy old furniture but also gave people a lift along the way. A bright orange Lada van was his favourite which he drove until I begged him to let it go. I grew up on a farm in Retreat St. Mary. My father reared pigs, chickens and grew coconuts. My mother operated a hairdressing salon in St. Ann's Bay and would open our home to tourists as part of the "Meet the People" community tourism programme implemented in the 1970's by Tourism Minister, PJ Patterson. We moved to Kingston when I was older. It was a difficult adjustment for me especially at the private catholic school in which I was enrolled. I’m not Catholic. I wasn't offended by the rituals but had to learn to temper my expectations so as not to feel inadequate and completely overwhelmed. This lesson hit me in the head early one morning as my father was about to take me to school. The Common Entrance (GSAT to today’s infants) results were published. I passed. My friends and I were all excited. "My parents are taking me to Disney," "I’m getting a video and TV," "I’m getting the gold chain I always wanted," were among the conversations I overheard that day. I had nothing to say because, I didn't ask for anything and, furthermore, nothing was ever promised to me by my parents. That afternoon, as I got into the pickup, I declared: "Daddy I passed my Common Entrance" "That's wonderful Lisa, I knew you would" and we proceeded home in silence. The hours towards evening took forever. I didn't have the courage to ask the question that should have followed the declaration. We watched the 7 o’clock JBC news together. Like clockwork, he went to bed immediately after. I couldn't sleep…Click Link in Bio🔝

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Konshens, @konshens

Otherwise known as Garfield Spence, Konshens is a Jamaican reggae and dancehall artist with an international following. Touring the US and recording with renowned artists, Konshens’ Instagram is a mix of music videos, fashion shoots and fun moments. Follow Konshens to keep up with what’s happening in Jamaican music.

A night now⚫️

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Dutty Berry, @duttyberryshow

This self-proclaimed vlogger, social media personality and lover of pop culture, is a successful Jamaican comedian. Dutty’s Instagram, the Dutty Berry Show, is a hilarious look at popular culture in Jamaica. One of the best ways to keep a light-hearted tab on what’s happening on the island.

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