The 5 Best Markets in Port Au Prince, Haiti

A street market in Port-au-Prince
A street market in Port-au-Prince | © Erin Taylor/Flickr
Sophia Mills Francis

The capital of Haiti and the largest city Port Au Prince has so many things that you can do. If you are in the area, we recommend some of these artisanal markets and places in which you can buy some interesting and quirky gifts for family and friends. We check out some of the best artisanal markets in Haiti.

A street market in Port-au-Prince

Comité Artisanat Haïtien

For outstanding metalwork, artisanal stone sculptures and vibrant painted boxes, go to Comité Artisanat Haitien. The artisanal market was established in 1972 and seeks to boost Haitian artwork, crafts and trinkets. It also aims to promote fair wages for its artists and artisans and to aid craftspeople sell their products in Port–au–Prince. It provides an income and reduces the migration from the countryside to the city. If you’re looking for the most creative of goods, visit Comité Artisanat Haitien and claim your artwork.

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