17 Incredible Places to Visit If Money Were No Object

Luxury Apartment
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Got piles of spare cash and looking to quench some seriously exclusive wanderlust? Then worry not because there are plenty of divine destinations throughout the world where you won’t have to rub shoulders with raucous and unruly budget travelers.

A Round the World Cruise

Let’s face it: one-week cruises are the plaything of the proletariat. Those with real money would surely prefer to circumnavigate the entire globe on an epic journey lasting three months or more. With a typical voyage taking in dozens of port calls across six continents, an RTW cruise is the only way to travel the world in style.



The Russian Space Agency has already taken a handful of billionaire tourists to explore the final frontier, while American company SpaceX is planning to be the first private venture to offer trips around the moon in 2018. Although SpaceX is remaining quiet about exactly how much their interstellar journey will cost, some estimates are as high as US$175 million. It’s just as well since money is no object.



Only accessible on a multi-day cruise from Ushuaia in southern Argentina, a trip to the world’s most isolated continent will typically add up to US$10,000 or more. For this reason, those who do make it to this incredible winter wonderland will be surrounded by little more than penguins, icebergs, and fellow millionaire tourists.


1. Mount Everest, Nepal

Natural Feature, Hiking Trail

Mount Everest from the Tibet side of the border
© Elen Turner
Nepal might be an extremely cheap travel destination for the Average Joe, but those looking scale the world’s highest mountain could fork out up to $100,000 for the most expensive package. They’d need to be pretty fit too, obviously.

A European River Cruise

For a unique and decidedly upmarket perspective of the old continent, hop on a river cruise down the Rhine or the Danube. With packages stretching into the tens of thousands of dollars, river cruising is a luxurious alternative to traveling Europe, which feels a world away from those stuffy bus tours.

River Cruise

2. Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur, India


© Benoy / WikiCommons
Built as a summer escape for royalty in the 18th century, Udaipur’s famous Lake Palace was converted into a fancy hotel back in the ’60s. This elegant floating palace, which covers every square inch of an island just a short boat ride from the city center, is the epitome of regal decadence.


Okay, we might be jumping the gun a little here. But give it a few more decades and Mars may well be the solar system’s hottest travel destination. Of course, a trip to our red neighbor is going to be pretty expensive, so best start saving ASAP.


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