These Haunted Trees in Thailand May Help You Win The Lottery

Praying for good luck | © Smith Huang/Flickr
Praying for good luck | © Smith Huang/Flickr
Yes, you did read the title of the article correctly. What happens in a country where both the lottery and superstitions are an integral part of the culture? People search for the lucky numbers in the most mysterious places. Read on to find out how haunted trees could win you the jackpot in Thailand.

In Thailand it’s simple; ghosts have the ability to predict your future in the form of telling you the lucky winning lottery numbers. This notion may seem strange to some, but in Thailand, this is common practice. These ghosts are not just lurking anywhere, they reside in “sacred takhien” or ironwood trees, which are believed to be haunted by female ghosts. These haunted trees are consulted two times a month when the lottery is drawn. Picking lottery numbers is done with various rituals, the most popular is by “the seeker” putting powder on their hands and rubbing the wood of the tree to find the numbers. Apparently, it is the last two digits that these haunted trees have a particular knack for revealing.

Lottery tickets on sale, Thailand © nist6dh/Flickr

Thai Rath, a popular Thai language newspaper, has listed the eight haunted trees (or things made of the trees) or takhien that are believed to reveal the lucky lottery numbers in their wooden grooves, six of which are located in temple grounds around Thailand. The newspaper added that it was up to the discretion of the individual if they believed the haunted trees did indeed have superpowers or not.

A local lotto shop © chezshai/Flickr

Haunted trees are not the only way Thai people search for the winning lottery numbers, they also follow other superstitions; for example, in December buy five lottery tickets or use the number 5 in picking the numbers as the late king’s birthday is on December 5, which is believed to increase your chances of winning. Alternatively, the numbers can be found in much darker places like the number plate of a car which was involved in a fatal accident or the highway number where a terrible accident took place. There might not appear to be any limits when it comes to selecting lottery numbers in Thailand, but there most definitely is a methodology in obtaining the winning numbers.