The Best Vegetarian Restaurants In Bangkok

Vegetarian dishes |© La Melodie/Flickr
Vegetarian dishes |© La Melodie/Flickr
Photo of Naintara Gurung
9 February 2017

Bangkok, one of Asia’s most popular tourist destinations, is a metropolitan hub brimming with history, a unique culture and unforgettable gastronomic experiences. For those who are looking to avoid meat dishes, Bangkok reserves a few restaurants that serve a variety of vegetarian and vegan delicacies. Here’s our list of the best vegetarian restaurants you can dine at in Bangkok.

Sushi, Green, Rice | © LollemyArtPhotography/Pixabay

Rasayana Raw Cafe

This place provides a fresh variety of plant foods, rich in vitamins and minerals, for those who are extremely conscious about their diet. The Rasayana Raw Café is ideal for vegan lovers and is the best place to eat at if you’re keeping a calorie check. The restaurant brings forth a unique dining experience, availing a number of wholesome vegetable treats that are served raw. Defined as ‘fresh and innovative,’ their gourmet recipes will take you for a spin once you try a local favorite dish, Asian Pate Tomatoes, or grab a mouthful of their Eggplant Lasagna. Once you’ve tasted the flavorsome entrees like the Mexican taco cup, you can wash the food down with a glass of coconut water.

Na Aroon

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Located in the exotic expanse of AriyasomVilla, this charming 1940’s styled restaurant occupies the ground floor of the old villa. With an old-world style, Na Aroon exhibits teak wood floors and antique artwork that create an original environment where you can savor healthy organic food. Thai specialties like Mee Grob and Nam Prik Ong are part of their menu, where you’ll also find western treats like their homemade Lasagna. Grab a bite of the luscious apple custard, homemade and enriched with a heavenly flavor for those who have a sweet tooth.

Govinda Vegetarian Restaurant

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Healthy and colourful veggie pasta
Healthy and colourful veggie pasta | © Marco Verch / Flickr

This little place with a laid back atmosphere, a budget friendly menu and a simple décor tugs at the nostalgic memories of generations of people who have lived in Bangkok. If you’re tired of high end establishments, Govinda provides a warm environment and offers a lactose free menu, including a few special Italian delights like the insatiable Capricciosa, garnished with soy based mozzarella and non-lettuce greens. Settle within the warm colored walls as you’re welcomed by a portrait of Lord Krishna to this wonderful restaurant, best known for its North Indian delicacies like the Kadhai Paneer (cottage cheese slathered in tomato, coriander and garlic sauce).

Bonita Café And Social Club

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Tasty vegan pasta
Tasty vegan pasta | © Kari Sullivan / Flickr

This vegan café brimming with hospitality can easily resemble your grandmother’s kitchen and it delivers food that is fresh and wholesome. One of the restaurants with the richest variety of organic options they serve a pleasing assortment of vegan delicacies. With the colorful clutter of old school cutlery and cookbooks, this restaurant is a favorite in Lower Silom. Sample a plate of crispy sautéed onion rings, perfect for brunch, or order an intriguing dish of raw zucchini pasta, flavorsome and well executed. Bonita Café and Social Club is a comfortable spot which is ideal for coming with friends.


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Enter the blissful atmosphere of Ethos, which provides a unique and comfortable lounge environment. This healthy food oasis showers you with vegan and gluten free delights dashed with wholesome goodness. Serving dishes such as organic rice and a fantastic spread of pro-biotic super foods that are home fermented, Ethos is a wonderful place to dine. You can try out their giant shakes like the fresh Papaya Lassi, or munch on home-baked treats like the Apple Crumble served with Coconut cream custard. The restaurant provides a multi-cuisine menu including a variety of options, from Aloo Gobi (potatoes and cauliflower cooked in an assortment of Indian spices) to Mushroom Lasagna.

Simple Natural Kitchen

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This quaint little restaurant that features a rich vegan menu is ideal for those who would like a noiseless ambiance where they can munch on organic delicacies. With Italian inspiration, the restaurant has a rustic décor and is situated in a small alley away from the bustle of the city. Whether you go for a modest breakfast of organic peanut butter sandwiches and the delicious honey toast or pick one of the tasty salads layered with the freshest vegetables, the food at Simple Natural Kitchen is an absolute delight. The rich blend of organic spices and ingredients and the welcoming staff attract many vegan lovers looking for a quick brunch.


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Providing an exquisite vegan fine dining experience, Patara is a traditional restaurant that displays elegant oriental décor and offers an extensive menu of Thai specialties. Enjoy the comfortable seating with decorative silk pillows while sampling a vivid assortment of pre-dinner cocktails that you can accompany with a plateful of garden sweet greens. Discover a rich blend of flavors as you munch on the Lemongrass salad, a wonderful medley of golden fried beignets, garden herbs and cashew nuts. With options such as steamed rice florets or gingko filled crispy spring rolls, Patara is ideal for those with a refined taste.


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Located in one of the most urbanized areas of Bangkok, this Asian restaurant serves a variety of vegan specialties made with the freshest ingredients and offers an exotic wine collection. The restaurant is the perfect place to go if you want to dine out with the family and crave a bite of authentic Thai cooking. Anotai’s open space, the authentic dishes and the classical music ensure visitors will enjoy their dining experience. The warm and friendly atmosphere at Anotai invites customers to enjoy a generous variety of vegan treats, from the Triangle Tofu to a favorite local dish, the Papaya Salad.

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