The 5 Best Bars in Pai, Thailand

Photo of Wingyan Chan
9 February 2017

The hidden paradise of Pai, deep between the dusty hills of northern Thailand, has been attracting more and more tourists every year. They come to explore wild waterfalls, mountain trails and the unique vibes of the region. Here’s a look at the top drinking spots in town.

A campfire in Pai | © James Antrobus/Flickr

Bamboo Bar

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Located right beside the Pai River, this rustic bamboo structure is a prominent watering hole for backpackers. The crowd usually rolls in at around 1am, staying until the sun rises. The bonfire is a prime attraction, while authentic Thai cuisine stalls lurk on the bridge outside and beer flows like the river below from behind the makeshift bamboo bar. Come and discover your nocturnal, primitive side!

Don’t Cry Bar

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Pai, Thailand
Pai, Thailand | © James Antrobus/Flickr
This open-air bar decorated with traditional Thai paintings is a famous partying spot for energetic travellers. Open from midnight until the break of dawn, clusters of drinkers huddle in the al fresco area to drink and party hard. Live band performances grace the stage and fire shows contribute an extra level of energy, while the DJ plays until late.

Edible Jazz

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As the name suggests, Edible Jazz offers some of the best jazz music in town. A chilled atmosphere is created by the soothing background music, while travellers longing for dynamic performances must visit the bar on Sunday, when the open mic night takes to the stage. Visitors can spend the night by laying in a hammock or sitting around a low table savouring delicious pad Thais, while drinkers can work through on extensive drinks list.

Silhouette Restaurant and Bar

The combination of dark wood, brick walls and pendant lights constructs a cozy and romantic environment that stands out from the crowd here. There’s also a wide variety of mouth-watering international dishes to go for, ranging from cheese platters and risotto to lamb kebab and tapas, all backed up by an extensive selection of wines courtesy of countries right around the globe.

Ting Tong

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Creaking and crooked Ting Tong is a wondrous creation built in bamboo and loaded with buckets and cocktails and chilled Chang beers. Situated just off from the main street of Pai, sitting parallel to the river, this one bursts to life in the late hours, laden with roaring fire pits and roaring crowds of backpackers. Lucky patrons may even spot Ting Tong himself; invariably rolling up and down the nearby strip on his grumbling Harley Davidson.