The 10 Best Restaurants in Singburi, Thailand

Selection of Thai food | © Food Group / Flickr
Selection of Thai food | © Food Group / Flickr
Singburi is an off-the-beaten track destination in Central Thailand. There are several local attractions that are well worth a visit, as well as a selection of places to eat, drink, and relax. Here are some of the best restaurants in the Lion City.

Baan Suan

Restaurant, Thai, Seafood, $$$
Fish in Singburi, Thailand
Snakehead fish at Baan Suan restaurant in Singburi | © Sarah Williams

Baan Suan is a charming countryside restaurant, set on large wooden platforms on stilts. There are several spacious seating areas and the tables are very well spaced. There is a roof to provide shelter from the sun and rain, but the open sides provide great views over the adjacent rice fields and the small river that runs in front of the restaurant. The karaoke rooms are popular. Baan Suan specialises in the local delicacy of bplah chon Mae La, a type of snakehead fish, though the extensive menu also features many other Thai dishes too.

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Coffee Milk

Restaurant, Thai
Meal at Coffee Milk, Singburi
Meal at Coffee Milk, Singburi | © Sarah Williams

Coffee Milk is a cute restaurant, with a handful of colourful and whimsical statues outside. Sit inside in the air-conditioned room or outside in the courtyard. There are many Thai dishes to choose from and the restaurant also makes great coffee. Tuck into noodle dishes like rad na, pad see ou, and pad Thai, fill up on rice with various accompaniments, savour a spicy Thai salad, and more.

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Chaisaeng Palace

Hotel Restaurant, Restaurant, Thai
Gammon steak at Chaisaeng Palace in Singburi
Gammon steak at Chaisaeng Palace in Singburi | © Sarah Williams

Chaisaeng Palace is one of Singburi’s most high-class hotels. It has an on-site restaurant-bar that is popular with hotel guests, locals, tourists, and expats alike. There are Thai dishes and a small selection of Thai-style steaks and sandwiches. The drinks menu is diverse, with imported brands that can be difficult to find in smaller restaurants. There is often live music during the weekends.

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Spicy tom yam soup
Spicy tom yam soup | © Alpha / Flickr

Lemoon is a cheerful restaurant with a wide selection of Thai dishes. Choice include som tam (spicy papaya salad), stir-fried glass noodles, chicken fried rice, grilled squid, pad gra prow moo (pork with holy basil), and various Thai curries. If you have space left, a selection of desserts is also available.

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Restaurant, Thai, Chinese, $$$

Charoenthip is a long-established Singburi restaurant with a solid reputation. Located near to the bus station, the family-run restaurant has an olde-worlde dining room and the menu includes Thai and Chinese meals. Order a selection of meals to share and dine Thai style, with everyone taking a small amount of everything.

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Steak and Bakery

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Pork steak
Peppered pork steak in Thailand | © bioxzers / Flickr

Steak and Bakery is a fairly small restaurant tucked away near the Chao Phraya River. The multi-page menu has diverse options, including, of course, a wide selection of steaks. You’ll also find soups, salads, noodles, fish, and rice on the menu, making it a great choice for a group with mixed preferences. You can also pick up packaged cookies, cakes, and pastries from the counter.

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Hot Pot Buffet

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Meat to go on the hot pot
Meat to go on the hot pot | © Connie / Flickr

Hot Pot Buffet is a popular Thai chain of restaurants. The branch in Singburi attracts many locals looking for somewhere to enjoy a meal that’s a bit more special, perhaps for birthdays and treats. Each table gets its own hot pot / steam boat to cook their personal selections of meat, fish, seafood, and vegetables. After grilling your items to perfection you can eat them with rice or with the broth that collects in the surrounding dish. The all-you-can-eat concept is perfect for hungry diners.

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Je T’aime

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Thai meat salad | © Sarah Williams

One of Singburi’s fanciest restaurants, Je T’aime has a beautiful colonial-style building and outdoor seating in lovely gardens. A unique feature is the small swimming pool, great for a daytime dip. The restaurant has a good selection of Thai dishes and meals come out beautifully presented. The desserts are tempting too, with honey toast, ice cream, and colourful fruity creations.

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All About the Sky

Restaurant, European, Thai
Enjoy pizza and other western favourites at All About the Sky, Singburi
Enjoy pizza and other western favourites at All About the Sky, Singburi | © Yoshihide Nomura / Flickr

Located at a gas station, this may seem like an unusual choice for a top Singburi restaurant. It is one of a handful of places in Singburi, however, that serves a selection of Western dishes, letting you break away from the cycle of rice and noodles for a meal or two. Tuck into favourites like pizza, sandwiches, and pasta and savour beautiful desserts.

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Ketsara Bakery

Bakery, Restaurant, Thai, $$$
Buy moon cake at Ketsara Bakery
Buy moon cake at Ketsara Bakery | © yannick974 / Flickr

Located close to the highway, Ketsara Bakery has a large dining room and a selection of popular Thai dishes. From fried rice to stir-fried vegetables, there’s plenty to satisfy your hunger. Don’t be fooled by the name, though— the restaurant doesn’t sell any baked meals. They have a large shop, however, that sells a range of baked treats, such as filled Chinese pastries, cookies, and other sweets.

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