The 10 Best Places For Brunch In Sukhothai

The 10 Best Places For Brunch In Sukhothai
The perfect way to kick start the day is with a fulfilling brunch. Plenty of restaurants scattered around Sukhothai provide a wide selection of choices to travelers, ranging from authentic Thai cuisine to tasty burgers. Here’s our guide to some of the best.

Dharma Cafe

The golden retriever sitting faithfully outside here is a veritable icon, while the bright red walls and traditional Thai paintings, hanging bulbs and wooden shelves deliver a traditional ambiance. Made popular by its authentic Thai food and delicate international cuisine, famous brunch options include yellow and red Thai curries served with plain bread.

Address: Dharma Café, 83 Jarodvithi Thong Road | Opposite Pizza Company, Sukhothai, Thailand, +66 99 753 7305

Pizza House by Somprasong Guesthouse

Hidden in a rustic hut surrounded by bushes, the combination of wooden bench and metal rooftop here showcases the hidden side of rural Thailand. Aside from the decoration, the pizzas and burgers served also preserve the traditional way of preparation. Pork, chicken and beef patties are all available.

S&N Coffee House

This cozy coffee house decorated with colorful chairs and tables presents a cheerful and blissful environment for travelers to calm their minds. Settle down with a jug of drink selected from the extensive menu of fine coffees, beers and juices, or enjoy some of the delicate finger food that’s also on offer.

Address: S&N Coffee House, 50-52 Singhawat Road | Thani, Sukhothai, Thailand,, +66 86 605 3201

Dream Cafe

This weird and wonderful cafe merges the ordinary and the exotic, the ancient and the contemporary. While enchanting ceramics and antique collectibles are displayed in the wooden cupboards, religious bodhisattva statues are placed near the entrance and the windows. The menu is a mix of traditional Thai cuisine like chicken with cashew nuts, rice with sweet and sour chicken and exotic options such as banana flowers and tempura vegetables.

Address: Dream Café, 321/5 Moo3, Mueangkao Subdistrict, Sukhothai, Thailand, +66 55 615 516

Poo Restaurant

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Situated in the center of the tourist town of Sukhothai, Poo Restaurant is a convenient place for travelers to take a break. Decorated with national flags and wall paintings, the chilled atmosphere makes for a great brunching spot. A wide range of authentic Thai cuisine such as pad Thai and seafood with fried rice is on the menu, and there are also some less-adventurous western dishes available.
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A visit to Thailand can never be complete without a taste of traditional Thai cuisine, and travelers in Sukhothai hunting for mouth-watering Thai food must pay a visit to Kacha, where an amazing array of regional dishes is served. Renowned staples like crispy spring rolls dipped in sweet and spicy sauce and sweet and sour sticky mango rice are freshly made and fantastic.

Address: Kacha, Old Sukhothai, Sukhothai, Thailand

Black Sugar

Hidden amidst the rice fields, patrons can overlook the picturesque and limitless expanse of paddies while enjoying delicately presented cakes and desserts with a cup of coffee in hand. Oh, and don’t forget to sample the array of lemon inspired sweet cakes.

Address: Black Sugar, 307/5 Soi Susanjeen, Jarodvithithong Rd., Moo 2, Sukhothai, Thailand, +66 91 837 3740

Baan Junshine

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This garden cafe is a paradise for relaxing after visiting the national park nearby. A perfect morning begins with a cup of refined coffee, selected from the diverse and enticing menu. Have a taste of the special beverage “Chapuccino”, which is a mix of tea and cappuccino. The fruit toast is a must try too: a handful of fruits including kiwi, orange, grape, and strawberry scattered on a slice of French toast.
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Ruean Thai Restaurant & Bar

Situated in Ruean Thai Hotel, Ruean Thai Restaurant & Bar serves delicate, authentic Thai cuisine. Delicious local delights including garlic shrimp, spicy seafood salads and Thai curry are just some of the favorite dishes. Diners here can even opt to sit along the pool side, surrounded by the calm and pretty gardens of the hotel.

Address: Ruean Thai Restaurant & Bar, 181/20 Soi Pracharummit, Sukhothai, Thailand, +66 55 612 444

Foresto Restaurant

A visit to Foresto is a smart choice for those looking to have a true taste of Thailand. The chef uses traditional cooking methods and only the freshest ingredients. Famous Thai dishes like sticky mango rice and tuna salad are packed with flavor here, while the simple but classy decor makes for a fine setting.

Address: Foresto Restaurant, 16/1-16/3 Pravesnkorn Road, Amphoe Muang, Sukhothai, Thailand, +66 83 213 4112