Drinks, Desserts And Dogs At Bangkok's Best Pet Cafes

Caturday Cafe | © Courtesy of Kelly Iverson
Caturday Cafe | © Courtesy of Kelly Iverson
Photo of Kelly Iverson
9 February 2017

Bangkok is no rookie when it comes to interesting, strange ad unique themed cafes and restaurants – there is even an entire restaurant dedicated to teaching its customers about the importance of contraceptives! One especially popular theme seemingly taking over Asia is pet cafes. If you simply can not get enough of furry creatures, or are missing your own family pet while traveling, be sure to drop by one of the best pet cafes in Bangkok.

Caturday Cafe

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Outside Caturday Café
Outside Caturday Café | © Courtesy of Kelly Iverson
Prepare to be bombarded with cuteness at Caturday Cafe. The interior is bright and welcoming, with plenty of plush floor cushions and adorable cat-inspired trinkets throughout. Caturday Cafe is located in Cocowalk, and its desserts are almost too pretty to eat, including its rainbow crepe cake with strawberry sauce or its recommended Thai-tea crepe cake with Thai tea sauce. Order smoothies, coffees, tea or soft drinks: unlike some pet cafes around Bangkok, there is no entrance fee.

True Love Cafe

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Outside True Love Café
Outside True Love Café | © Courtesy of Kelly Iverson
Former Husky breeders decided to take their occupation and put a spin on it by opening True Love Cafe. This cafe has allotted hour-long playtimes with the 20 or so huskies: during this time, customers can pet, feed and take photos with the dogs. Tickets to enter the cafe are about $10, which includes one piece of cake and one drink. The drink list includes blue punch soda, iced apple tea, passion fruit juice and more.

Cataholic Caff

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Embrace that dreaded ‘crazy cat lady’ title at this Bangkok feline oasis, Cataholic Cafe. Try the cheesy barbecue sandwich, or opt for something a bit more interesting, like the two-tone blue Hawaii soda or cheesy caramel popcorn toast, a dessert you have to see in order to believe.

Wagging Tail

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Bone Cake
Bone Cake | © Courtesy of Wagging Tail Bakery
Wagging Tail Bakery’s story begins with a small Maltese puppy named Squiddy. Her owners soon discovered that she was allergic to grains and could not eat any food with food coloring. They searched the city high and low for food that was suitable for her, but they found Bangkok came up short. That is when they started making their own treats, which can be made-to-order and delivered. These healthy treats include cakes, pumpkin-tuna biscuits and even frosted biscuits. Wagging Tail has yet to open up a physical shop: instead they focus on creating the healthiest and most delicious treats for your pet. Wagging Tail delivers its tasty treats for free to those off Sukhumvit Road and around Siam Square with a purchase of ฿500 or more. Customers can also collect orders at their office.

Coffee & Puppy: Dog Cafe

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Dog lovers will not be able to contain their excitement at this cafe. Coffee & Puppy Cafe combines the very two things that make people the happiest: puppies and food. Customers can bring their own pets and enjoy a good meal together. They serve up healthy meals for both pets and owners, including pastas, burgers, barbecue ribs and even French fries.