The Best Vintage Clothing Stores in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Ah, the vintage days! | © Monica Roddey/Flickr
Ah, the vintage days! | © Monica Roddey/Flickr
Photo of Iona Proebst
1 February 2018

In search of a pre-loved bargain? Check out our list of Chiang Mai‘s best vintage clothing stores. It’s often those unique pieces you find on your travels that you love the most.

Love 70s

Love 70s is likely the most popular vintage clothing store the city has to offer. Located in a warehouse-style building, this place receives fresh shipments weekly so it pays to drop in regularly. Amongst the usual standard jeans and t-shirts, Love 70s has a huge selection of 70s floral print dresses, lace tunics, leather bags and (randomly) a selection of hiking backpacks! A one-stop shop for all your shopping needs.

Love 70s is open daily from 12 pm – 9 pm.

Yes, we love the 70s! | © Fernando de Sousa/Flickr

Bann Khlong Ngae

Something exclusively for the men out there, Chiang Mai‘s Bann Khlong Ngae is a treasure-trove of quality men’s clothing. This shop stocks everything from business shirts and leather jackets, to shoes and accessories. Hunt around and you’re sure to find a few bargains.

Bann Klong Ngae is open Monday to Saturday from 9 am – 9 pm.

Would you like a lion with your shirt? | © Daniel Oines/Flickr

Na Mor (Chiang Mai University Student Market)

Na Mor is a local market aimed at Chiang Mai University Students and luckily for you, this secret place is brimming with vintage clothing stalls. If you’re travelling on a tight budget, embracing the latest minimalist craze or just love a good ol’ pre-loved clothing item, this should be your number one stop. Make sure to test your bargaining skills here as you’re competing with the local crowd.

Na Mor market is open daily from 6 pm -11 pm.

Fashion Therapy

Right in the heart of the trendy Nimmanheimen neighbourhood and nestled in Think Park is Fashion Therapy, a well-appointed thrift shop. Sick of milling through mountains of used-but-not-cool clothing? Then Fashion Therapy will be a welcome surprise. Here, the fashion-savvy owner hand-picks unique, high-quality items that you will likely cherish for years to come!

Fashion Therapy is open daily from 2 pm – 9 pm.

Everyone needs a good leather bag | © Guy Sie/Flickr

14 Soi 6

Another one for the gents, 14 Soi 6 is teeming with hectic racks of “Hawaiian” shirts (perfect for Songkran celebrations), hipster sports apparel and biker jackets. Be sure to dig deep as there are some vintage gems to be found here.

14 Soi 6 is open daily from 11 am – 10 pm.

Perfect for Songkran! | © ddoodm/Flickr

Kaber Vintage

Kaber Vintage is a hot destination on the vintage store trail. Here you’ll not only find a fabulous selection of pre-loved clothing, but you’ll also find antic jewellery and home décor items. Dodge the kitsch (unless that’s your thing) and spend some time finding those special items you’ll be raving about for days.

Kaber Vintage is open Thursday to Tuesday daily from 2 pm – 8 pm.

Old tea cups are the perfect find | © Laura D’Alessandro/Flickr

Clothes Dumpster

If your shopping style is preferably to rummage through bargain bins then the Clothing Dumpster is the perfect place for you! This place literally exudes a dumpster vibe as it is overflowing with pre-loved clothing. Be warned, you’ll likely leave dripping with sweat when you emerge from the tin shed, but you likely won’t be too worried as you’ll have scored some excellent bargains!

Clothes Dumpster is open daily from 1 pm – 8 pm.