The 10 Best Restaurants In East Bangalore: Savour A La Carte In The South

Spaghetti, Italian Food| © Romi/Pixabay
Spaghetti, Italian Food| © Romi/Pixabay
Bangalore is a vivid expansion of historical landmarks, sacred monuments and culinary bites. Showcasing a wide variety of themed restaurants that offer a clubhouse feel and fine dining experiences, step inside the eastern corners of the Silicon Valley in India. Be it dining in a canopied lounge or sampling exotic dishes in a multi-cuisine restaurant, we recommend the best restaurants in the area.


Restaurant, Italian, Asian, $$$
Chianti Italian Restaurant and Wine Bar, 1st A Cross Rd
Chianti Italian Restaurant and Wine Bar, 1st A Cross Rd | © Chianti
Dine in this charming neighborhood restaurant that offers an international experience with quintessential Italian delicacies, perfect for those who crave a European twist. Conveniently located in Indiranagar, which is a popular dining hub, this restaurant treats you with a popular signature dish – the wood oven fired pepperoni pizza. They also offer an authentic antipasti vegetable platter for vegan diners.
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Black Pearl (Bar and Grill)

Bar, Restaurant, Indian, Asian, $$$
Enjoy dining with pirates as you step inside the Black Pearl, with its animated interiors and a spacious deck. This pirate themed restaurant includes a rooftop dining area and offers a multi-cultural swing to your taste buds with dishes with influences from across the globe. Right from Caribbean delicacies to north-Indian treats, the Black Pearl is a novelty bar and grill with lively music, banging shooters and a special buffet menu. With waiters dressed in pirate costumes, the service is accommodating and quite fast despite the big crowds that usually fill the place.
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The Bungalow

Restaurant, Italian, Chinese, Mediterranean, Asian, $$$
The classic ambiance of this restaurant stands as a cultural memoir of old Bangalore, even though it is located in a cosmopolitan site like Whitefield. The interiors are lovely, spacious and inviting in a bungalow styled building. The restaurant offers the best buffet spreads in the vicinity. With an international menu that features Mediterranean, Continental, Chinese and North-Indian delicacies, here you can enjoy a delectable meal without burning your pockets. From pan fired lamb shanks to tandoori prawns, wash the food down with some amazing cocktails as you experience the deep rooted hospitality of old Bangalore at the Bungalow.
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FT Boutique Bar Restaurant

Bar, Restaurant, Mediterranean, Indian
100 FT Boutique Bar Restaurant provides an interesting combination of fine dining in a spacious courtyard with canopied seating and a shopping experience at its unique art store filled with exclusive items. This garden restaurant has amazing interiors with its walls painted with village scenes, promising a cultural boost for its visitors. Presenting a mouthwatering spread, you can taste fabulous appetizers like char grilled garlic prawns or a main like saffron salmon risotto, Mediterranean in taste and style.
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Restaurant, Indian, $$$
This elegant restaurant serves a luscious variety of north-Indian and Mughlai dishes. Grab a bite of the famous dal makhani (black lentils mixed with kidney beans, whipped cream and chunks of wholesome butter) or opt for the Murgh badami shorma (tender chicken slices cooked in an aromatic stock enriched with Indian spices and garnished with a sprinkle of almond flakes). The majestic feel at Jalsa coupled with a seating capacity of 175 and an extravagant cuisine makes the restaurant one of the most unique establishments in east Bangalore.
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Vapor Pub & Brewery

Bar, Pub, Indian, Pub Grub, Wine, Beer, $$$
A paradise for beer connoisseurs, Vapor Pub is one of the best brewpubs in east Bangalore, promising a trendy ambiance brimming with a young crowd. This watering hole is a blend of in-house clubbing, live musicals and sports bar that also offers a flavorsome menu. Whether you’re munching on their special Atta Chicken or washing down the spice of Murgh Awadhi Tikka with a pint, the brewery is a glamour-filled hot spot. The menu is inspired by Continental ingredients, including local favorites like the Jerk Chicken thin crust, bacon-wrapped prawns and scrumptious starters like Magic Wings that you can gulp down with the signature ale – the Basmati.
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Tim Tai

Restaurant, Deli, Asian, Chinese, Thai, $$$
Tim Tai, Bangalore
Tim Tai, Bangalore | © Tim Tai
One of the few restaurants in east Bangalore serving Gau dim sums and Tom Yum soup, this restaurant features avant-garde decor, with quirky paintings and well structured furnishings. Tim Tai is a pan-Asian specialty restaurant that also offers the option to dine in the cozy corners of an outdoor seating area. Expect wholesome portions of Burmese Khao Swe, a favorite dish among many.
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Golkonda Chimney

Restaurant, Indian, Chinese, $$$
Kheer | © Atlnav/flickr
This spot serves the best Kathi rolls and sweet savories like Kulfi. For those looking for quality food, Golkonda Chimney is a great place to visit. With a spacious open-air terrace, this restaurant offers a select variety of Chinese and Indian cuisine with dishes that are aesthetically pleasing and perfect in taste. Welcoming individuals and families in east Bangalore, the restaurant is a popular hangout away from the city bustle in the midst of natural surroundings.
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Boondock Bistro

Bistro, Restaurant, American, Italian, Fast Food, Vegetarian, $$$

A paradise for meat lovers, Boondock Bistro is a quaint restaurant nestled on the terrace floor of Sundari Armadale. Showcasing a hearty home-styled menu, the bistro provides a rustic ambiance where visitors can gorge on juicy steaks and tender meat. Enjoy a lazy breakfast with bangers and mash, freshly churned fruit juices and mushroom omelettes.

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Tadka Singh

Restaurant, Indian, Vegetarian, $$$
Tadka Singh, Bangalore
Tadka Singh, Bangalore | © Tadka Singh
This fast food restaurant has a wacky one liner wall and unique decor. Inspired by the native culinary concept of dhabas (local joints) of Amritsar and Punjab, the purpose behind Tadka Singh is to serve wholesome and fresh goodies to a hungry line of customers. The casual dining experience at Tadka Singh is enriched by the intoxicating aroma of a vivid variety of parathas imprinted with the restaurant’s logo, served hot with a chunk of butter.
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