Top 10 Brunch Spots In Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Blackberry Pancake  Brunch | © ugglemamma/ Pixabay
Blackberry Pancake Brunch | © ugglemamma/ Pixabay
Brunch  is a pleasant and indulgent way to start your day. Hong Kong’s Wan Chai neighborhood features a variety of options, many of which have a decidedly European feel. These ten brunch spots are undoubtedly worth the visit.

Passion by Gerard Dubois
Cafe, French, $$$

This French café not only serves delectable dessert cakes and buttery pastries, but also creates a wide choice of nutritious salads. Passion is also renowned for their artisan pasta, and sourdough pizza and bread.Passion by Gerard Dubois, Lee Tung Avenue, 200 Lee Tung St, Wan Chai, HK,

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La Crêperie
Restaurant, Creperie, French, $$$

La Crêperie is another French restaurant in Hong Kong that is well-known for using ingredients from France’s Bretagne region. Their standard crêpes offer a wide range of flavors, from the old-fashioned classic butter and sugar and mouth-watering salted butter caramel to apple pie. Furthermore, they take care of their customers by offering gluten free options.

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Bar, Tapas, $$$$

22 Ships is a fine dining restaurant that brings the best Spanish dishes to the foodies of Hong Kong.  All walks of life can enjoy the spectacular taste of Spanish cuisine with their top-notch dishes like the peanut and jam ice cream, or the heavenly juicy, foie gras burger.

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Ovo Café
Restaurant, Asian, $$$
Ovo Café offers customers hearty, healthy dishes throughout the day. With various nutritious and wholesome ingredients to choose from, your body will thank you for starting the day here. Moreover, the indoor greenery makes for a relaxing environment to chat with friends while devouring your brunch.
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Restaurant, Soup$$

The humid environment of Hong Kong can make the idea of cold food immensely appealing. Tallore offers takeaway salads with a multitude of choices, packed with uplifting and hearty ingredients, ranging from the lighter options like cucumber and tomato salad to the creamier taste of pesto pasta and a typical potato salad. They also serve wraps and artisan soups, such as the sweet and silky pea and mint variety. These dishes leave you feeling refreshed in the sometimes oppressive weather.

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The Cupping Room
Cafe, Restaurant, Italian, $$$

The Cupping Room is an Italian restaurant that is a familiar sight for foodies. If you haven’t heard of it, or tried it, do so now. The eggs benedict is one of their signature dishes, as well as their fatty avocado on toast. The poached egg with smoked salmon and spinach on toast, and the special mayonnaise is exactly what you need. Paired with a latte, brunch is served. Opening hours: Mon – Fri 8am – 5pm; Sat – Sun 9am – 6pm

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LA Station
Coffee Shop, Vegetarian, Vegan, $$$$

It is widely agreed that great ideas start with a cup of coffee.  LA Station serves their famous house blend coffee, especially in the form of their most popular chilled latte. Their rose latte, blackbeard secret, cappuccino and mocha are also coffee lovers’ favorites. The freshly baking desserts mean the place is filled with the buttery, sweet smell of croissants and creme brûlée.

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Le Pain Quotidien
Restaurant, French, European, $$$

For those who crave some fresh and chunky veggie dishes, the newly opened Le Pain Quotidien is for you. They serve an array of fresh superfoods, like kale, avocados and chia puddings. Many of their dishes are accompanied by their sourdough bread, fermented in a way that can leave a long-lasting and delightful wheat taste lingering in your mouth. Overall, their European decor and brunch options give you an escape from the hustle of the city.

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Maison Es

If you have room for dessert, Maison Es is a French restaurant that serves delicate desserts and is fitted out with glamorous kitchenware and furniture. Their signature traditional almond rice pudding, served with homemade granola, and their melted white chocolate and matcha cake topped with Japanese red beans are just what you need to satisfy that craving. A sophisticated brunch may be all you need to reward yourself after a strenuous workweek.

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疑詂 Kasa
Restaurant, Chinese$$

The previous resturants have mostly been Western cuisine oriented, but now it’s time for brunch, Hong Kong style. Typical and signature dishes at Kasa are the thick French toast, pineapple bun, and roe noodles. Kasa not only delivers on the classics, but also raises them to new levels. Their French toast is inspired by crepes and feature eight layers of decadence filled with rich peanut butter and nutella. Additionally, instead of the conventional way of serving burgers, they use pineapple buns and sunny side up eggs to replace the regular fatty patties. These guilty pleasures won’t disappoint you.

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