The Best Pizza Places In Hong Kong

Photo of Wing Tung Isabella Yu
10 November 2016

If you’re tired of Cantonese cuisine, and have a sudden craving for pizzas with crispy crust and cheesy toppings, you’ll never get bored by the diverse dining options in Hong Kong. From Korean-style healthy pizzas to innovative pizza cones, a wide variety of options are available. Here are our top picks.

208 Duecento Otto

Inside this gorgeously designed restaurant you’ll find 208 Duecento Otto, and the executive chef Alan Archetti. Featuring Italian Napoletana-style pizzas, the food at 208 Duecento Otto is a highlight in Hong Kong. Made with traditional, fresh and seasonal toppings, the crispy crust of their pizzas is American style. To attain the authentic Napoletana flavour, every brick of the pizza stove at 208 Duecento Otto was specially transported from Naples, and a specialist was hired from Italy to pile up the bricks. Distinguished yet rare options include green broccoli, fried eggplant, as well as scamorza.

Pizza Oven at 208 Duecento Otto | Image courtesy of 208 Duecento Otto

Pizza Maru

Pizza Maru never ceases to amaze visitors with its Korean-style healthy pizzas. The pizza is made of a dough that blends 12 kinds of grains, including oats, barley and rye, and is low in calories and fat. Perfect for people who are on diet but craving pizza, you can choose either the yummy cream cheese mousse flavour or the signature dish garlic chicken barbecue pizza without feeling guilty. You can choose to scoff a six-inch pizza individually, or share a nine-inch one with your friends. If you are a pizza lover, you should not miss Pizza Maru.


Among myriad of pizza stores in Hong Kong, Motorino offers a unique and extensive menu. First established in USA, Motorino was described as the best pizza store ever in New York. The signature dish, Pizza Napoletana, was created by the Belgium chef Mathieru Palombino, who is also the owner of Motorino. The all-time favourite Margherita has a soft yet crispy crust, with flavourful tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil on the top. All the pizzas are baked in the Stefano Ferrara custom-made wooden fired oven, with Italian brick for high insulation. The majority of the ingredients are from Italy, while the preparation process is supervised by chef Palombino.

Canton Road in Tsim Sha Tsui, HK | © Warren R.M. Stuart/Flickr

ZeeZee Pizza Cone

While it’s common to see pizzas in flat and circular shapes, topped with parmesan cheese and tomatoes, you’ll be amazed to find the new and innovative pizza recipe at ZeeZee, pizza cones. Folding and overlapping the pizza dough itself, and topping it with various ingredients, busy white collar workers can have a quick bite during rush hours, which is extraordinarily convenient. A total of 9 flavours are available at ZeeZee, the chicken and eel is distinctive and savoury. While the freshly baked pizza cones have become popular, the fried chicken flavour and the new Lady Pizza Cone, made with pineapples, bananas and chocolate chips, are also a must-try item.

Pizza Cones | Image courtesy of ZeeZee

Grano Italiano Pizza Tailor

Specializing in Italian pizzas, Grano opened its first branch in 2014. Grano is the first Italian-inspired restaurant in Hong Kong that allows customers to build their own pizzas. Aiming to make the best pizza dough with the healthiest and cleanest produce, the bread-like dough at Grano is made of the finest flour with water from the Italian Alps. Under the collaboration with professors from Universita Della Pizza, Grano offers a wide selection of fresh ingredients, ranging from truffle cream, mozzarella, and smoked salmon.

Pizza Express

With 13 branches sprawling over Kowlon, Hong Kong Island and the New Territories, Pizza Express specializes in various styles of pizzas with top-notch ingredients, baked in a perfect temperature. Every branch is stylishly furnished, offering diners an exotic dining setting. For guests looking for innovative recipe, the fusion Peking duck flavour, with slices of spiced duck dipped in hoisin sauce, is the ideal pick to get a taste of East meets West. Margherita, topped with simple tomato sauce and buffalo mozzarella in Roman-style thin and crispy crust, would be a choice for diners who prefer classic and traditional flavours.

Pizza at Pizza Express HK | © Connie Ma/Flickr

Piccolo Pizzeria & Bar

With three branches in Kennedy Town, Tai Hang and Wan Chai, Piccolo Pizzeria & Bar is a casual dining spot that offers delectable pizzas at an affordable price. In the open kitchen you’ll find the two-meter pizza oven and chef laboriously occupied with dough yeasting. The two best-selling pizzas are the classic parma ham flavour and the one with clams in white wine. Cheese lovers should not miss out the calzones. In a ravioli-shape, calzone is topped with tomato sauce and tasty, bubbly cheese.

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