Top Spots for a Healthy Lunch in Marrakesh

Mochi | Courtesy of Mochi Eat Healthy 
Healthy lunch spots have started opening in Marrakesh, thanks to the trendy vibe behind it. Locals eat healthy meals in their own way, by shopping at souks and cooking at home, but, every once in a while, it’s nice to go out and have a meal that’s also good for you. Here are five top spots to enjoy a healthy lunch in Marrakesh.

Mochi Eat Healthy

Restaurant, Moroccan, European, Fast Food, Vegan, Vegetarian
This small restaurant is located in the neighborhood of Gueliz and has gorgeous décor – a spot where you’ll find all the Instagram-famous Marrakesh celebrities. Aside for the beau interior, the food is also delicious, offering salads, veggie burgers, sandwiches and more. You can even create your own salad. Definitely the perfect place to go if you’re vegan or vegetarian.
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Vert Midi

Restaurant, Moroccan, European, Vegan, Vegetarian
This is a restaurant chain you will see across Marrakesh that has become popular among locals, especially fitness lovers. Vert Midi offers delicious, healthy food at very affordable prices: you can create your own sandwich for €2, a salad for about €3.5, and detox juices for €1.5. It’s a family friendly place and they even have a children’s menu, with fun milkshake flavors, like Oreo and Nutella. Everyone will love this spot!
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Salad Box

Salad Box is a bit like Vert Midi, and here you can create your own salad with different types of ingredients, including fruits like kiwi and pineapple. They also do delicious dishes with chicken and vegetables, savory crepes and, of course, fruit or vegetable juices.

Salad Box, Angle Boulevard Mohamed 6 et Avenue 4 DMM, Marrakesh, Morocco, +212 661 293405


Assorted raw food | silviarita/Pixabay

Bun's Bunny

Restaurant, Moroccan, Mediterranean, European, Fast Food, Vegetarian
This restaurant serves American food and here you’ll find the best veggie burger in Marrakesh! They have meat burgers, tacos, sandwiches and much more, but the veggie burger is extra special, as it’s sweet and savory at the same time, and light on the stomach. The décor is equally as good, with plants everywhere, colored bar stools and cool artwork hanging on the walls.
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Jemaa el-Fnaa

Jemaa el-Fnaa, Food stalls, Koutoubia Mosque, Marrakech
By day, Jemaa el-Fnaa is a marketplace, while by night, the square becomes an open-air restaurant and performance space | © Andrew Smith / Alamy Stock Photo
Last but not least comes Jemaa el-Fnaa, the main square of Marrakesh where you will find souks and food trucks lined up, all calling your name. All the trucks serve roughly the same food at the same price, so don’t be too fussy about which one to choose. The food here is healthy and made from scratch with fresh, local products. You have shrimp, minced meat, tagine, salads and many other delicious dishes. Walking around the busy square is a truly unforgettable and enjoyable experience you must try!
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