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A bookseller in Morocco | © Thomas Leuthard / Wikimedia Commons
A bookseller in Morocco | © Thomas Leuthard / Wikimedia Commons
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The Best Independent Bookstores in Agadir

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Updated: 5 December 2017
While reading isn’t a particularly popular pastime in Morocco, with oral storytelling and poetry traditionally favoured over the written word, the country still has a decent selection of bookshops. Grab a good read to accompany you at the beach from one of these top bookshops in the seaside city of Agadir.
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Crown English Bookshop

Crown English Bookshop, located on Boulevard Hassan II, is one of the best places in Agadir to buy books written in English. It mainly sells used and second-hand reading materials, so there is generally just one or two copies of a particular book. It’s better to head here to browse and see what catches your eye, rather than to visit with a particular title or author in mind.

Crown English Bookshop, Boulevard Hassan II, Agadir, Morocco

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Al Mouggar Livres

Al Mouggar Livres is a fairly large bookshop in Agadir. It sells a wide assortment of books, from novels to autobiographies and from general reference books to books about the local area’s history and culture. Most of them are in French, but you can find some written in English too.

Al Mouggar Livres, Imm “P” Ave du Prince Moulay Abdallah, Agadir, Morocco,

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Librairie Manahil Al Irfane

Located a short way out of the heart of Agadir city, in the neighbourhood of Drarga, Librairie Manahil Al Irfane can be found fairly close to the airport and to Crocoparc, one of the city’s major attractions. It mainly sells textbooks and informational books, particularly related to IT, business, and technology. Most titles are written in either French or Arabic. The store also sells an assortment of office supplies and stationery.

Librairie Manahil Al Irfane, Lot Alimam N266, Drarga, Agadir, Morocco,

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Book Space

A café-cum-bookshop-cum-library, Book Space is primarily a spot where people can sit and relax with a drink and a pastry while immersed in a good book. Seating is comfortable and the ambience is rather like sitting in a cosy and inviting living room. There is a decent selection of books available to buy.

Book Space, Avenue du 29 Février, Talborjt, Agadir, Morocco

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Librairie Papeterie Taleb

Librairie Papeterie Taleb is a fairly large bookshop in the Oulad Teima area of the city. Not far from the harbour and Agadir Oufella, the shop has a selection of books for both adults and children. Fiction covering different genres and non-fiction books are available, and they’re all tightly packed on shelves and stacked high on tables, giving you plenty of options to choose from. Books sold here are mainly written in Arabic and French.

Librairie Papeterie Taleb, Boulevard Mohamed V, Imm Chemss Eddine, Oulad Teima, Agadir, Morocco

There are several other bookshops in Agadir, such as Librairie Papeterie Hilala and Librairie Al Majd, that stock basic reference books, like multi-lingual dictionaries, and educational school books for children. Such stores usually sell as assortment of stationery and basic office equipment too.

Keep your eyes peeled for books in other shopping establishments as well, such as supermarkets, souks, and markets. Some museums, art galleries, and other places of interest also sell a small selection of books related to the local history, heritage, people, and culture of Agadir and its surroundings.