10 Top Bars For a Unique Night Out in Casablanca

Party | © Careyjamesbalboa / WikiCommons 
Party | © Careyjamesbalboa / WikiCommons
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Casablanca is the largest city in Morocco, and thanks to this, it has a variety of clubs, bars, and pubs to choose from where you can have the most exceptional night out with your friends or loved ones. From Irish pubs to the most sophisticated lounges, here are the 10 best bars for a unique night out in Casablanca!

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Le Kimmy’z

Located in the neighborhood of Gauthier, this amazing restaurant/bar promises an excellent night out with your friends. With loud pop music filling the rooms, you can sip on your glass of white wine while chatting to everyone in the room. People here are really friendly and use this bar to expand their network.

Irish Pub

The Irish Pub of Casablanca is a typical bar where you can have a pint of Guinness while watching the game of football on the television. It gets rather crowded during the weekends and you can easily feel transported to a small Irish town with the wooden floors, walls, and furniture; it is truly authentic.

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Le Jefferson

This bar opens every day from 5 p.m. to 1 a.m., it is small and cozy and even offers exceptional dishes for when you are hungry. It is the perfect place to start your night out with a couple of friends and good music.

Le Cabestan

This amazing restaurant offers a bar with one of the best views in Casablanca, as it is located just above the sea. The atmosphere is very sophisticated here and although the drinks are a bit on the pricey side, it is definitely worth it. You can sit on the bar and enjoy the view of the lighthouse right ahead while listening to trendy music.

Maison B

Maison B is a restaurant/club that has a bar area that is absolutely worth a visit. The restaurant and bar is open from 7 p.m., and you can enjoy a drink or two while you watch the room fill up with all kinds of people, listen to good music, and watch fantastic dancers. The décor is very sophisticated too, with dim lights and comfy velvet chairs.

Brooklyn Bar

Brooklyn is a bar in La Corniche of Casa—as locals call it—many people start their night here and end it in Le Cabestan, due to the proximity. It is a small bar where you can listen to popular music and meet new people. They also have small tables with comfy sofas where you can grab a bite and sit down, but it tends to get really crowded, so if you get there too late, you might even have to squeeze in with the people standing.

Peter’s Lounge

This amazing lounge/bar is located in the heart of Casablanca. Its sophisticated, yet cozy look will make you feel comfortable and relaxed. You can enjoy a drink by the square bar in the middle of the room or at the high tables by the plate glass windows while listening to trendy music and watching people interact.

The Jame’s Rooftop

This bar is like no other in the city, as it is located on the rooftop of a hotel in Casablanca, and has an amazing atmosphere. The décor is very nice, with wooden furniture, high tables, and plants everywhere. You can order a mojito while overlooking the city and watching the sunset. Many popular faces hang out here, like Moroccan American rapper French Montana.

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This small, cozy bar is the perfect location to grab a drink after work. In fact, many people come to Chester’s around6 p.m. to relax after a long day of stress. The drinks are not expensive and the atmosphere is very chilled, with popular music blasting through the speakers.

Sky 28

Located on the 28th floor of the Kenzi Tower Hotel, which is one of the Twin Center’s of Casablanca, this amazing bar offers an unimaginable view of the whole city, up until mosque Hassan II. They offer cocktails and snacks with this exceptional view and in the background, there is soothing music to make you feel relaxed.

Twin Towers in Casablanca | © Cuatrecasas Gonçalves Pereira / WikiCommons

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