The Most Beautiful Beaches Near Lima, Peru

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Lima may be the capital of Peru, but it definitely doesn’t have its best beaches. If you want to get away from the city’s rocky shores and score some sun time on the sand, you’ll have to leave Lima. Here’s our guide to the best beaches near the City of Kings.

Cerro Azul

Two-and-a-half hours from Lima lies one of the best surf spots in the south of Peru, along with one of its best beaches. There is a left that starts from the rocks and takes surfers right up against a pier, where Peruvians daily catch their fish from. On the other side of the pier is large crescent shaped beach with stands selling fresh fish, cold beers and plenty of snacks. The town still preserves a small-town vibe, to the effect that you won’t find an ATM. If you need to take out some cash, you have to take a bus or combi to Cañete, a 15-minute drive down the highway.

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Punta Hermosa

It might be best known for its big wave surfing, but this beach is a hot spot for weekend getaways. Only an hour from Lima it is the closest, most beautiful beach to Peru’s capital. There are expensive hotels, cheaper hostels and everything in between. As the Limeños’ favorite beach, there are plenty of options for everyone to do. While the water can be cold, it’s refreshing on the hot, desert days of Punta Hermosa.


The raw and rugged beauty of Paracas is unrivaled. Its unique coastline seems untouched and inspires reverence. You can hangout on the beaches – there are a couple different ones – and even take a trip to Isla Ballestas, often referred to as the “Poor Man’s Galapagos.” This beach is sure to make to stay you want to stay an unintended two or three more nights.



This beach has become the stomping ground of Lima’s most wealthy inhabitants. Asia is a stretch of beach that has seen massive investments, including luxury apartments and one of the largest malls in Peru. The most popular are Asia beach and San Antonio, and the most popular season is Peru’s winter, December through March.


Pucusana is the first real beach that you’ll find out of the dense fog that swallows Lima for most of the year. It’s a classic Peruvian fishing village with plenty of fresh ceviche restaurants to choose from, but the main draw is probably the beach: a lovely sandy alternative to the rocky beaches of Lima.

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El Silencio

This spot has slowly become one of the more popular beaches outside of Lima, with most people choosing to drive to El Silencio instead of going a bit further for Asia. If you don’t want to deal with the pretension and upscale prices of Asia then this is your beach. Be aware that big swells mean the beach can get taken over by waves and make it difficult for little kids to play in the water.


Señoritas is renowned for its consistently good surf and is very popular with those in search of the perfect wave. The beach can get a bit rocky during low tide but that doesn’t concern the surfers, who on a good day will still be out there charging. Like all Peruvian beaches, there is beachside service and plenty of chairs and umbrellas to choose from.

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