These 25 Photos of Cartagena Will Make You Want to Book a Trip Right Now

Cartagena | © alexmillos/Shutterstock
Cartagena | © alexmillos/Shutterstock
Cartagena de Indias is one of South America’s most beautiful cities. Tourists flock from all around the world to wander its gorgeous colonial streets, walk its magnificent city walls and gaze in wonder at the myriad colors of its beautiful buildings. As if that weren’t enough, it’s also surrounded by some of the most beautiful islands and beaches in the Colombian Caribbean! If these 25 photos of Cartagena don’t make you want to rush out and book a trip right now, then something’s wrong!

Every street in Cartagena looks like a postcard…

© Chris Bell 

Seriously, there isn’t a corner where you don’t want to get your camera out!

© Reg Natarajan/Flickr 

Every single square and plaza is the most beautiful you’ve ever seen!

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And the streets are just as lovely at night

© Reg Natarajan/Flickr 

The architecture is simply stunning…

© Chris Bell 

Most cities would be satisfied with one beautiful church, but not Cartagena!

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And they look amazing from every angle…

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The colors of Cartagena are magnificent

© McKay Savage/Flickr 

Every wall is the prettiest wall since the last one!

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They’ve even got amazing street art

© Chris Bell 

Even the locals are colorfully dressed

© Luz Adriana Villa/Flickr 

I mean, come on!

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And they are always ready with a friendly smile

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And don’t get us started on the Caribbean islands surrounding Cartagena…

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It’s a perfect Caribbean paradise

© Luz Adriana Villa/Flickr 

A Cartagena sunset is unique and magical

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They are also incredibly romantic…

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The city looks as good from the sea as the land

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But there’s no substitute for wandering the beautiful streets of the Old Town

© Nick Harris/Flickr 

Except for visiting the Castle!

© streetflash/Shutterstock 

Yep, that’s right: an actual Caribbean castle!

© samlopes_br/Pixabay 

Cartagena is about as beautiful as a city gets

© Chris Bell 

And if that’s not enough, there are wild monkeys in the parks!

© Chris Bell 

Still not enough? OK, there are sloths as well…convinced yet?!

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