10 Unusual Experiences You Can Only Have in Colombia

El Penol at Guatape
El Penol at Guatape | © PRORandal Sheppard / Flickr

Colombia is known as a ‘megadiverse’ country, home to an impressive variety of environments and ecosystems, including deserts, Caribbean coast, Pacific coast, Amazon rainforest, plains, the Andes mountain range and countryside landscapes. These unique environments provide many activities unique to Colombia. Here are ten of the best.

1. Discover the underground salt cathedral

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Located 32 miles (53 kilometres) from Colombia’s capital Bogota in Zipaquirá is a unique wonder of the architectural world. This functioning salt mine is now a major Colombian tourist attraction, with the 14 stations of the cross representing Jesus’ last journey. Everything in the salt mine is created out of salt including the walls, benches, floors and stairs. Various tunnels lead down to a 3,000 person Cathedral and the largest subterranean cross.

Go fishing for Piranhas

Colombia’s Amazon rainforest is home to a large number of endangered animals and fauna. The rainforest covers around 35% of Colombia, with a large number of indigenous communities living within it. The Amazon river is located on the border of Colombia, Peru and Brazil; with an open borders policy in the Amazon area, it’s easy to travel between countries and go on boat trips. One of the unique experiences to be had is fishing for Piranhas, whether it’s with a fishing rode or stick with a wire attached, the river is home to a large number of fish species, with Piranhas being the mot well known.

Watch thousands of black crabs make their way to the ocean

Each night during the wet season (April to June), thousands of Black Crabs or Gercarcinus Lateralis make their way down from the forests of the High Hills to the freshwater and South West Bay. They do this to release their eggs into the water, the government closes the roads on the crabs trail to prevent the crabs from being run over.

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