The Best Places for Shopping in Costanera

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1 August 2018

Taking inspiration from international shopping malls, the Costanera Centre is not what you’d expect to find in South America. With large Chilean department stores, luxury clothing brands and high-street names, if you’re looking for something fashion, technology, furniture, or sport-related, the Costanera Centre is the place to go.


From Argentina to Chile, this store has a quirky yet romantic bohemian vibe. Find yourself the perfect beach dress or moroccan-inspired jackets that will jazz up any outfit, adorned with jewels and embellishment as well as being complimented by eye-catching colour schemes.


Chile’s oldest and largest department store was established in Santiago back in 1889 by Italian-Chilean immigrant Salvatore Falabella. Originally a tailor shop, it is now the largest retail store in South America, having expanded to Argentina, Peru, and Colombia. Shop here for international brands and luxury goods, and be sure to keep an eye out for sales.

Chilean department store Falabella | © Fidel Cortés Rojas / WikiCommons

Bimba & Lola

Created by two Spanish sisters, Bimba Y Lola is a chic store and one of the fastest growing labels in the world. With colourful and whimsical prints that draws the attention, this is what you want to be seen wearing around Chile’s capital.

Casa Barros

Spanish jeweller Don Francisco González fled his home country in search of new opportunities in South America and began his business in Santiago in 1889, making his jewellers the oldest in Chile. A sanctum for wealthy Chileans and tourists looking for a dazzling piece of jewellery adorned with glistening diamonds or chic pearls or even a slick watch.

Jewellery shopping | © Photo-Mix / Pixabay


Chilean department store Ripley was founded in 1956 and has rapidly expanded with 52 stores, 39 of which are in Chile, one being in the Costanera. They have also crossed the border over to Peru where they have 13 stores. With everything from clothing, accessories, furniture, games, beauty products, and much more, the store is extremely popular with Chileans.

Paula Cahen D’Anvers

Argentinian designer, Paula Cahen D’Anvers’ line is authentic and sophisticated while emphasising elegance in both its childrens and womens lines. She manages to coordinate a classical chic yet à la mode revolutionary style.

Costanera Mall | © Xamuhinamorix / WikiCommons


Short for zapato, which means shoe, Zappa is where you can find a range of sandals, boots, wedges, and heels. A on-trend style in both Chile and Argentina is chunky heels and boots with a thick wedge, of which you will be able to find a wide variety here. Jump aboard the latest fashion trends in Chile.


Another popular Chilean department store that was founded in Chile in 1900 by José María Couso, it is now owned by Cencosud and can also be found in Argentina, Peru, Colombia and Brazil. With everything you could possibly need under one roof, why not check out their best deals.

Costanera | © Javier Vieras / Flickr

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