A Guide to LGBTQ+ Nightlife in Santiago, Chile

Lesbian club night Realidad Paralela
Lesbian club night Realidad Paralela | © Realidad Paralela
Charis McGowan

Santiago is a great place for LGBTQ+ nightlife, with loads of different parties hosted across clubs and venues in the city center. There are bear nights for the boys, lesbian nights for the girls, and everything in between for queer revelers and their friends to have an excellent night out in safe and vibrant places. Here are some of the top LGBTQ+ nights in Santiago.

Realidad Paralela

Realidad Paralela (RP) is a weekly lesbian club night that rotates across different clubs in the city center. It has themes ranging from pop-heavy DJ sets to Brazilian-themed fiestas. Depending on the venue space, there are different rooms that blast top reggaeton hits, and others that play the best of today’s epic queer anthems. It is one of Latin America’s premier nights for the ladies, and aside from the occasional “Ladies Only” events, their guy friends are welcome to come along.

Usually Fridays, with additional club nights on bank holiday weekends. Location changes every week.

Lesbian club night Realidad Paralela

1. Bal le Duc

Nightclub, Pub Grub

Campy and sparkling, Bal le Duc is a venue that hosts nights with classic gay icon themes: Madonna, George Michael, Morrissey and… Geri Halliwell? Well, everything goes in this open and friendly place, which a large outdoor patio and two dance areas. Bal le Duc also hosts vogue-ing night and drag queen competitions, and it’s a favorite for bears, queens and any group of friends who want to have a mischievous night out. Even Daniela Vega, known for her performance in Oscar-winner A Fantastic Woman, has been spotted a few times here.

Tatu´s Lena Katina plays at Bal Le Duc

2. Club Vita

Bar, Nightclub, Pub Grub

Club Vita, while not exclusively gay, Club Vita can definitely be classified as queer. It’s a small, underground place for those who like alternative and quirky places. The music bill is solid here – you can discover some of Santiago’s stellar electronic producers, such as Kamila Govorčin and Elias Deepman, who play regular sets that showcase the work of their co-founded techno and house label, Panal Records. Club Vita also features shows from the likes of local queer legends such as Entropica and Sofia Oportot.

3. Blondie

Bar, Pub Grub

Blondie isn’t exclusively gay, but it is alternative. It’s a huge place that is loved by those who go there, and anyone who doesn’t like exclusive or scene-ster places will feel welcome here. You’ll find the odd mom who likes to dance to ’80s hits, the former emo-kid who is here for a Placebo night, the indie kid playing air guitar to The Strokes, and the ’90s girl who is kicking it to the Spice Girls. All types of people can be found here at Blondie. Blondie also hosts the best Halloween party in town, OpenBlondie, taking over a huge space in Santiago with bands, DJs, indoor and outdoor stages and everyone dressed in crazy costumes.

Lemon Lab

Lemon Lab produces some of the biggest gay nights in town. Any type of gay-friendly event worth celebrating, you bet Lemon Lab will have a venue and massive party booked for it. Lemon Lab hosts shows featuring the best local and foreign drag stars, singers and gay icons – mostly aimed to men, but ladies can also take part in the fun. Depending on the event, entrance prices can be costly, but arrive early to enjoy open bar promotions and discounts.

4. Illuminati

Nightclub, Pub Grub

Illuminati is Santiago’s classic club for LGBTQ+ nightlife – if you just want to party in a warm, friendly, inexpensive place, then come here. In the heart of Santiago’s party district, Bellavista, it’s a great place to go after an impromptu night out with friends. Come for an unpretentious night of fun to a soundtrack of classic pop hits and a bit of a local Chilean touch mixed into the playlist. There’s free entrance until 12:45am, so come before then and spend that cash instead on the 2×1 piscolas!

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