The Best Adventure Sports to Try in Pucon, Chile

Trekking | © Phil Whitehouse/flickr
Trekking | © Phil Whitehouse/flickr
About 12 hours south of Santiago by bus, is Pucon – Chile’s adventure tourism hub. With plenty of activities to keep thrill-seekers entertained, you won’t be short of adrenaline kicks. Hidden in the depths of Chile’s Lake District, this charming village offers plenty of fun for the adventurous.

Climb the Villarrica Volcano

Visible from miles away, though if you spot a cheeky spurt, you may want to wait a few days until you try to conquer this monstrous, active volcano! The hike is around five hours, and is possible without prior training. Once you have seen the engulfing crater, you can slide down on the snow, making it easier on the legs!

Villarrica Hattie Ford / © Culture Trip

White-water rafting

Renowned for its speedy rapids, the waves of the Trancura River can be enjoyed by those of all skill levels. If you’re a beginner or looking for a fun day out with kids, you can start on the lower section of the river, where you will find calmer, grade II rapids. Thrill-seekers will probably want to head to the higher section where you’ll find the ferocious grade III and IV waters.

Rafting © james3214/Pixabay

Horse Riding

Gallop through the stunning scenery, on the lookout for flora and fauna as well as hidden waterfalls and epic views. There really is no better way to see the countryside than on horse, the fresh air rushing across your face as you and your fiery steed discover the glories of Pucon.

Riding Venetia Roxburgh / © Culture Trip

Trek through the national parks

There are a multitude of different trekking routes around Pucon, with access to the Huerquehue National Park, Santuario el Cani and the Villarrica National Reserve. Whether you want to climb up high and locate the imposing volcanoes, or just meander through the woods to your heart’s content.

Huerquehue National Park © Chris_C_M/flickr


Abseil past flowing waterfalls into the canyons, where you can enjoy the natural beauty while you descend. Trek through gorges, waterfalls and rock pools, shoot down the natural slides and enjoy the fun activities while admiring the stunning setting. Choose out of the many activities available with Canyoning Pucon.

Canyoning © stevegifkins/pixabay


Challenge yourself to El Condor, the adrenaline kick on this ride is second to none. At more than 3,500 meters in length, it’s the longest zip-line in South America, and many people maintain it’s the best. There are six stations that go all the way from the Lanín Volcanoes to Quetrupillán. You really will be soaring through the sky like an Andean condor.

Zip lining © Courtesy of Chile Travel

Ski on the Villarrica Volcano

Surely the novelty of skiing on the Villarrica is something you’ve never experienced before! Although the resort is rather small, you can at least practice your speed if the opportunity arises to escape the lava. With 20 runs and nine ski lifts, there is something for all levels, whether you’re a beginner or seasoned skier.

Ski Pucon © H.I.L.T/flickr