Where to Stay on a Budget in La Paz

© StockSnap/pixabay
© StockSnap/pixabay
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6 February 2017

There are countless nondescript alojamientos (simple guest houses) around La Paz that offer bare-bones rooms for as little as BOB35 (USD$5) a night. Thankfully, however, you don’t have to resort to jail cell-style accommodations to get by on a budget in La Paz. There are plenty of trendy and innovative hostels spread around the city that provide a stylish and comfortable place to crash while still being easy on the wallet.

Wild Rover Hostel

Boutique Hotel, Bed and Breakfast, Hostel
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Warning: this might well be South America’s most insane party hostel. If you want to meet other young backpackers, drink obscene amounts of booze, become acquainted with La Paz’s crazy nightlife and stumble back to your bed (or someone else’s) at the break of dawn, then Wild Rover is the perfect place to be. The hostel has a sizeable reputation, but not only for its crazy parties. It boasts first-rate facilities including super comfortable beds, permanently warm showers and a restaurant that serves all the foods you miss from home.
Beer, the delicious nectar that makes life so sweet | © AgencjaAIAC/Pixabay

Beer | © AgencjaAIAC

Adventure Brew Hostel

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Adventure Brew focuses on something dear to its owner’s heart – the love of craft beer. Guests receive one free glass of the glorious amber nectar each night of their stay, with plenty more on sale for low prices at the hostel bar. It’s even possible to have a soak in the world’s highest beer bath, a decadent experience if there ever was one. Aside from the beer, Adventure Brew has enough quality facilities to keep guests happy throughout their stay in La Paz.

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  • El Solario

    Running out of cash? This is the best option for travellers who are counting every last peso. La Paz’s cheapest backpacker hostel is admittedly pretty run-down and grubby, but at BOB25 (US$3.40) for a dorm bed it’s hard to complain. Just be aware that you’ll probably be sharing your living space with a contingent of unwashed South American hippies.

    El Solario, 336 Calle Sagarnaga, La Paz, Bolivia

    Greenhouse Bolivia

    A new addition to the La Paz hostel scene, Greenhouse is located in the bohemian Sopocachi neighbourhood, about 30 minutes walk from the city center. Greenhouse has a major point of difference however, as it seeks to become the city’s first ‘Chef Hostel’. Guests are encouraged to gather around the patio in the evening, share ingredients and recipes, cook a delicious gourmet meal together and wash it down with some fine Bolivian wine.

    Greenhouse Hostel, Calle Victor Sanjinez No. 2866, La Paz, Bolivia

    Greenhouse Bolivia | © Greenhouse Bolivia

    Greenhouse Bolivia | © Greenhouse Bolivia

    York B&B

    On a budget but prefer not to share a room with strangers? York B&B offers quality private rooms for an affordable price. This delightful bed and breakfast in the heart of the city’s tourist district boasts colourful, airy rooms decorated in a funky vintage style. With a host of traveller favourites such as free WiFi and breakfast, York B&B is a great central budget option.

    York B&B, Calle Sagarnaga 229, La Paz, Bolivia

    FraBed | © FranckinJapan

    Bed linen | © FranckinJapan/Pixabay