The Most Beautiful Spots in Wellington, New Zealand

Joe Coates

Wellington is a multi-faceted jewel of a city with a lot going for it. There are restaurants, cafes, museums and galleries galore. For those in need of a little retail therapy there are some fabulous shops along Cuba and Manners Malls, and some high-end boutiques on Lambton Quay. For those with an affinity for the ocean blue you can fish, dive, surf and spear-fish all around the area. There’s a botanic garden to meander around, a waterfront to stroll pensively along, and winding hill roads to cruise.

Basically it has something for everyone, whether your a foodie, keen on a cycle around the bays or wanting to watch the sun rise over the hills after a night of sending your neurons off to slaughter in some of the city’s nightclubs. When you just need some serenity though, take a peak at our guide to discover some of Wellington’s most beautiful spots.

1. Scorching Bay

Natural Feature

Scorching Bay | ©Sally / Flickr
©Sally / Flickr
This bay is beautiful in its own right, but it’s the community and everything that surrounds it that makes it particularly special. On a fine summer day the water is crystal clear, and lying out on the sand is absolute bliss. You’re only a 10-minute drive from Wellington city yet it feels like you’re miles away. It’s sheltered, which means there is protection from that pervasive Wellington wind that is always lurking and ready to spring up in the capital. It also means that it’s a great spot to take a dip and cool off on a roasting day. When things get too hot, there’s Scorch-O-Rama cafe, which is a standout eating establishment, not just in this part of town, but in the whole Wellington region. Add the native bush that cradles the bay like a cupped hand, and you have a place that you can happily spend the whole day at.

Wellington Waterfront

If you fancy taking a bit of a directionless stroll then head down to the waterfront. Once you hit the water just ankle along and take in the sights, grab an ice-cream or coffee and generally relax. This is people-watching paradise. There are always heaps of folk making the most of this beautiful area, walking dogs, jogging, drawing or just hanging about. There are plenty of great bars where you can grab a frosty one and gaze over the harbour, and a selection of top-notch restaurants where you can wrap yourself around some fresh seafood.

The Waterfront

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