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Melbourne's Top 10 Brunches and Late Breakfasts
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Melbourne's Top 10 Brunches and Late Breakfasts

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Updated: 29 October 2016
Many experts say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Those experts have obviously never heard of brunch. There’s something magical about the ability to eat bacon and eggs while your friend is eating shredded pork belly without it being weird. Read on to find the best places to do just that in Melbourne, Australia‘s hub for good food.
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The Grain Store

The Grain Store is completely different from the concrete jungle in which it is located. The bright, polished wooden floor and tables makes this a great place to start your day. The kitchen pumps out delicious and beautiful meals that please all the senses. But you’d do well to pace yourself, because the big table of cakes and desserts will tempt you as soon as you walk through the door, and you’ll want to leave room for that if you haven’t been blessed with the ever desired, secondary ‘cake-stomach’.

The Grain Store, 517 Flinders Lane, Melbourne VIC, Australia +61 3 9972 6993

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Foxtrot Charlie

Foxtrot Charlie, or FC, stands for ‘food’ and ‘coffee’. The décor makes use of geometric shapes, stonewashed walls and wooden table tops, as well as a large replica aeroplane hanging from the ceiling. Foxtrot Charlie’s breakfast menu is available until 3pm, and along with their delicious blend of in-house roasted coffee, this is the perfect location for a Sunday brunch.

Foxtrot Charlie Café, 359 Sydney Rd, Brunswick VIC, Australia +61 3 9387 3397

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Two Birds One Stone

It has to be universally accepted at this point that brunch is the most important and best meal. So why, then, is it so religiously reserved for Sundays? Thankfully Two Birds One Stone doesn’t subscribe to this concept, offering all day breakfast every day of the week. These days that’s exactly what you need – who has time for breakfast and lunch? At this café, you can kill two birds with one stone and have them both together, but you’d better be careful, because the choices on this menu are so intriguing, you might be inclined to have both breakfast and lunch here anyway.

Two Birds One Stone, 12 Claremont St, South Yarra VIC, Australia +61 3 9827 1228

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Caféology is a small café in one of Melbourne’s inner-city suburbs, Brunswick. Here they serve delicious modern Australian cuisine at very reasonable prices. You will find a real homely feel at this café, something that is sometimes lost in Melbourne’s busier cafés.

Caféology, 583 Sydney Rd, Brunswick VIC, Australia +61 3 9388 9914

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Station Street Trading Co.

Just south-east of the CBD is Port Melbourne, one of Melbourne’s oldest suburbs, where you will be able to find Station Street Trading Co. Their all-day menu contains affectionately named, customer favourites.

Station Street Trading Co., 166 Station St, Port Melbourne VIC, Australia +61 3 9646 6663

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Manchester Press

Manchester Press is just another reason why it’s imperative to explore that for which Melbourne is famous, the small laneways. This old printing press office, turn art gallery, turn café was once one of Melbourne’s best-kept secrets, and is, therefore, now one of Melbourne’s busiest, worst-kept secrets.

Manchester Press, 8 Rankins Ln, Melbourne VIC, Australia +61 3 9600 4054

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The Stables of Como

The Stables of Como is located in South Yarra, one of Melbourne’s most elegant suburbs, and this café plays its part in giving this quarter its dignified reputation. The spacious dining area is made all the more fresh and pleasant by the seasonal floral arrangements placed around the café.

The Stables of Como Café, Cnr Williams Rd & Lechlade Ave, South Yarra VIC, Australia +61 3 9827 6886

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Café Gaia

Another cute little café in South Yarra is Café Gaia, providing a detailed all day menu on the corner of Station Street and the almost aptly named Avoca Street. The wooden furniture gives the place a cosy feel, and with one side of the café almost entirely made of windows, it makes for a bright charming place to have brunch.

Cafe Gaia, 3/4 Avoca St, South Yarra VIC, Australia +61 3 9866 7522

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Green Refectory

For good food, good coffee and a good way to start our morning. Green Refectory has got you covered. Taking to heart the proper bohemian culture that is rampant in Brunswick, you’ll agree with the locals that a place can be a little bit frayed and faded, as long as they make good coffee, as that’s what matters. The walls of this café could do with a paint job, but really, who’s going to do that? The barista is too busy making amazing coffee and if the chef does it, who is going to make the delicious signature breakfast stack in the morning? You can ponder these questions and more after ordering.

Green Refectory, 115 Sydney Rd, Brunswick VIC, Australia +61 3 9387 1150

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Pillar of Salt

When looking in from outside, Pillar of Salt looks plain and grey, but this is not a true indication of what’s inside these walls. The long communal table is matched to the stools that surround it, and is a great place for early networking over breakfast. The casual atmosphere is accentuated by the old brick wall, which is a great backdrop for this café just outside Melbourne’s CBD.

Pillar of Salt, 541 Church St, Richmond VIC, Australia +61 3 9421 1550