Houston Escape Room: Downtown Gems

Houston, Texas | © Katie Haugland / Flickr
Houston, Texas | © Katie Haugland / Flickr
Photo of Leeandria Williams
19 October 2017

After over a year of locking groups in secret agent safe houses, Houston Escape Room (H.E.R) continues to stump citizens and tourists with their mind-boggling clues to freedom. This unusual bonding activity first started in a three-story house in Rice Village. After a surge in popularity, this stimulating experience was moved to the heart of Downtown Houston.

In the H.E.R facility, teams are allowed to pick between Episode One: Mo’s Safe House, Episode Two: Grandma Code Breaker, Episode Three: The Scarlet Scam (designed with the help of a University of Houston Technical Director) and Episode Four: Dark Side of the Moon.

Each room has its own set of clues and its own scenario, which is presented before the facilitator locks the door and throws away the key (for 60 minutes). The interactive game takes visitors through dozens of clues hidden in an array of bizarre places. Teams must quickly decipher which are important or just there for distraction. Don’t count on a cell phone to help solve the riddles—visitors must surrender their electronic devices to a locker before starting the game.

Original Houston Escape Room | © Houston Escape Room

The building is utilized to transport visitors into a different world where they are the ultimate heroes. In Episode Two: Grandma Code Breaker, teams must escape before the bulldozer demolishes Grandma Mo’s house. The dim lighting, dated décor, and eccentric props will leave you believing you truly are at your grandma’s house.

Begging for more of this strategic thriller? Dare to test your skills in the original room, Episode One: Mo’s Safe House. A completely different feel from Grandma’s Code Breaker, this scenario will transform you into your own version of Sherlock Holmes, having to escape the room before the security system knocks you unconscious. The game offers teams an hour of team building and suspense. The facilitators are there to watch and maintain the game, providing additional clues or help if needed.

Will you be able to figure out an escape route? | © Houston Escape Rooms

H.E.R aims to cater to all: the old and the young, the mystery lovers, and the adventurous. These adaptations of secret missions are nothing short of amazing, as meticulous attention is paid in every riddle. The challenge allows teams to unleash their inner-agent while enjoying an adrenaline-fueled experience.

Open six days a week, H.E.R offers a flexible schedule whether you are looking for a corporate, family or social event. They even offer a group picture for your team after you complete the challenge. Teams range from a minimum of four to a maximum of ten individuals. If your team is less than the maximum, often they will pair you with strangers to create a more interesting dynamic. One observer is allowed in the room. The observer must have attempted the challenge before and cannot interfere with the players being observed.

H.E.R is the first interactive escape room of its kind in the city. Visitors can expect a new room, Episode Five, very soon.

Houston Escape Room is open Tuesday–Sunday, 10 a.m–10.30 p.m. Tickets are $28 dollars per person. Special events packages are also available.

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