10 Portland Photographers to Watch Out For

Victoria Bar | Courtesy of Dina Avila
Victoria Bar | Courtesy of Dina Avila
Photo of Anna Kramer
30 May 2017

Photographers living in the Portland, Oregon area and Pacific Northwest definitely have a lot to work with when it comes to subject matter. Urbanites capture bustling city life, complete with trendy restaurants, hip bars, and cultural happenings, while nature lovers have their share of waterfalls, mountains, lakes, driftwood, beaches, desert, and a lot of greenery. And there’s everything and everyone in between as well; from photojournalists to portrait artists, professionals, and amateurs, here are some local PNW photographers worth keeping an eye on.

Ben Vickery

An art and design director by trade, Oregon native Ben Vickery has a serious eye for aesthetics and composition. He may just be taking photos for fun (all of which are shot and edited on an iPhone), but his carefully curated feed is a testament to his talent and unique artistic vision, especially when it comes to images of architecture and cityscapes.

Courtesy of Ben Vickery

Jessica Selig

A self-described “hiker, camper, [and] nature lover living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest,” Jessica Selig is a photographer who finds herself most at home in the outdoors. Her varied shots display a consistent attention to detail, technique, and the interplay between color and light. At times moody, at times bright, her work captures the beauty of Portland and its surroundings. Find more of her work on Instagram.

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Joseph McKinney

Local shutterbug Joseph McKinney brings a somewhat stark, high-contrast aesthetic to the landscapes and skylines of Portland and the Pacific Northwest. Whether he’s shooting serene lake or forest scenes or taking photos of his friends on city streets, McKinney’s work reveals a vantage point you won’t mind looking through from time to time.

Dina Avila

The James Beard Award-winning Dina Avila is a Portland-based photographer specializing in food and interiors. Her shots have graced the pages of many magazines and editorial spreads, and her Instagram is a beautifully assembled collection of her best work and Portland outings.

Victoria Bar | Courtesy of Dina Avila

Kat Dierickx

The sky’s the limit for Portland-based adventure and travel photographer Kat Dierickx. Whether she’s shooting starry skies, rocky cliffs, extreme sports, or mountaintops, her work offers a look into some of life’s most thrilling moments—in the Pacific Northwest and around the world as well. Check out her photographs on Instagram too.

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Joe Greer

Joe Greer is a professional photographer living and working in Portland with his wife Madison, who is also a content creator and blogger. When they’re not collaborating, Greer focuses his freelancing efforts on everything from documentary photography to the landscape, lifestyle, street, and portraiture varieties. His dreamy Instagram feed gives a glimpse into his talent and travels.

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Ill Gander

The Portland photographer who goes by the name of Ill Gander brings a raw and carefully crafted aesthetic to photography. Whether he’s working with portraits, landscapes, cities, or even still lifes, his unique perspective comes through in every shot, pulling viewers in with a colorful cast of characters, settings, and scenarios. Find more of his work on Instagram.

Rachel at The Society Hotel | Courtesy of Ill Gander

Ashley Brehm

Specializing in “moody” photography, Portland- and Bend-based artist Ashley Brehm produces stunningly toned and arranged portraiture as well as atmospheric landscapes and creative compositions. Brehm’s a freelance photographer, happy to tackle any project with her gorgeous color palette and eye for detail. Visit her on Instagram too.

Alex Bailey

Alex Bailey’s fascination and love for the Pacific Northwest shines through each photo he creates. Capturing beautiful moments, big and small, he excels in nature and wildlife photography and has an eye for adventure as well. Discover more on Instagram.

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Ian Andrew Nelson

Helping the fight against child sex slavery by day as director of communications at Remember Nhu, Ian Andrew Nelson spends his free time as a freelance commercial and travel photographer. Whether he’s exploring the Pacific Northwest or traveling to faraway places like Dracula’s castle, his work delivers a serene view of the world, reveling in all its beauty.

Trillium Lake + Mount Hood | Courtesy of Ian Andrew Nelson

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