10 Exciting Things to See and Do in Boring, Oregon

Cazadero Trail | © Jeff Dlouhy / Flickr
Cazadero Trail | © Jeff Dlouhy / Flickr
Photo of Elizabeth Nicholas
2 August 2017

Located in the foothills of the Cascade Mountain Range in Oregon and only 12 miles (19.2 kilometers) from Portland, the town of Boring might seem to be all but warning potential visitors to keep on driving with its unflattering name. But it turns out there is actually a fair bit to keep you interested in Boring—at least until it’s time to leave for a trip to its sister city: Dull, Scotland.

Liepold Farms

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Liepold Farms I | © Sarah McDevitt/Flickr

Liepold Farms

With a five-acre corn maze to try and find your way out of, a proper farmer’s market, and hay rides and a huge pumpkin patch in the fall, Liepold Farms is a perfect family activity, especially when the leaves start turning in late September.

Liepold Farms, 14480 SE Richey Rd, Boring, OR, USA, +1 503 913 3033

Join the annual “goth float”

Held every August on the Clackamas River, the annual goth float brings the goth community together to inner tube down four miles (6.4 kilometers) of the river. (A black swimsuit and heavy eye makeup are encouraged.)

Clackamas River | © Bureau of Land Management Oregon and Washington / Flickr

Celebrate Boring & Dull Day

In 2013, the Oregon Legislature passed a bill proclaiming every August 9th Boring & Dull Day, in honor of the international partnership formed between Boring, Oregon, and Dull, Scotland. Bagpipers and drummers in kilts join barbershop quartets and ice cream trucks to celebrate the kindred spirits of their cities.

Twinning sign at Dull, Scotland | © Peter Mercator / WikiCommons

Take in a show at the Nutz-n-Boltz Theater Company

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A community theatre group located in the historic Boring-Grange Damascus Hall, Nutz-n-Boltz Theater Company puts on several shows per year. Recent performances include Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap, and an adaptation of Alfred Hitchcock’s The 39 Steps. Take in a show, or if you’ll be in town for a while, why not try out for the next production?

Enjoy the dramatic views of Mt. Hood

Majestic Mt. Hood rises 11,000 feet (3,352.8 meters) above sea level and has a total of 12 glaciers. And many places in Boring afford excellent and dramatic views of Mt. Hood. So grab your camera, watercolors, or just sit back and enjoy the view of the incredible mountain.

View of Mt. Hood | © Jeff Hollett / Flickr

Go for a bike ride on the Springwater Trail

The Springwater Trail winds through gorgeous Oregon countryside, running 40 miles (64 kilometers) from Boring to downtown Portland. A large portion of the trail runs along the lovely Johnson Creek.

Springwater Trail view | © brx0 / Flickr