The 10 Best Breakfast And Brunch Spots In Little Havana, Miami

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Cuban cuisine predominates the scene in Miami but it is the eclectic mix of Latin cultures that makes the area such a vibrant melting pot. This guide will give you a glimpse into the best breakfast spots the historical neighborhood of Little Havana has to offer. From the best Cuban coffee and guava pastries to delicious Dominican and Nicaraguan fare, brunch in Little Havana is like no other in the US.


1. Sergio's

Restaurant, Cuban

Plate of juicy ropa vieja
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Sergio’s offers a one-of-a-kind breakfast deal in Miami called El Mezclado, which features two scrambled eggs, ham, Cuban toast and Cuban coffee. This symbolic location with more than 40 years of history behind it is one that cannot be missed. The first Sergio’s was a tiny sandwich stand; hard to believe when compared to the four-restaurant empire it has evolved into today in the South Florida area. The generous portions and the warm Latin atmosphere make this restaurant hard to be replicated anywhere else in the US. Make sure to try a cafecito, as the Cuban coffee here is nothing short of pure excellence.

2. Pastelmania

Bakery, Dessert

As the name properly indicates, Pastelmania offers an array of exquisite pastelitos: pastries that combine a crunchy and puffy outer layer with a soft and marmalade-like interior. Pastelitos are the most famous of Cuban pastries and here they serve them fresh and in a wide variety of flavors, such as cheese, guava and meat. The absolute stand-out and the one to try (especially for those with a sweet tooth) is the guava pastelito. What better way to start off a morning in the Magic City than by savoring a traditional and seriously delicious Cuban breakfast?

3. Morro Castle

Restaurant, Cuban, Spanish

With the sheer amount of food options awaiting to be discovered in Little Havana, you could easily miss this gem of a restaurant. It originally started out as a drive-in fast food joint more than 50 years ago but its popularity has completely transformed it into a local hangout spot best known for its irresistible made-to-order churros and hot chocolates. Even though Miami is known for its tropical climate, when temperatures do dip below the 60 degree mark in the winter, the tradition is to seek relief at the emblematic Morro Castle.

4. Selva Negra

Restaurant, Spanish

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Located in West Little Havana, Selva Negra is the perfect restaurant for a less traditional breakfast and brunch. This tiny restaurant is known for its Nicaraguan food – hence the name Selva Negra, or ‘black jungle’, which is exactly what it exudes in its unique dishes and rustic ambiance. Selva’s location on the outer edge of the neighborhood has become known as the center of Little Nicaragua. Consequently, the menus here are all in Spanish and the Nicaraguan tamale is sure to make for an unforgettable breakfast experience for those looking to expand their horizons and try something new.

5. Versailles

Restaurant, Cuban

Versailles is a staple in the Cuban community of Miami and no top 10 brunch list would be complete without it making an appearance. Versailles has a long and rich history due to the fact that it became the first place politicians would visit while in town in order to gain support from the Cuban exiles and get a better sense of their needs as a marginalized community. Versailles is such a representation of the heart of Cuban culture that journalists will still visit this spot to get a local point of view on current social and political issues. Due to its popularity, Versailles draws large crowds but you’d be hard-pressed to find a better cortadito to accompany your breakfast.

6. Milly's Restaurant

Restaurant, Dominican

Milly’s Restaurant delivers delicious Dominican-style cuisine in a laid-back atmosphere. The dish to try here is the magnu, a classic staple on every breakfast menu all over the Dominican Republic that consists of mashed plantains. You can order it with a side of eggs and salami or queso frito – fried cheese. The decor is a firm throwback to the old world feel and symbolizes the diversity of the Latin cultures that make up Miami’s essence and extend its kitchen much further beyond just the typical Cuban fare.

Delicias de España

Delicias serves as a reminder of the eclectic mix of Hispanic cultures that make Miami the metropolitan hub that it is. Upon entering, your senses are overloaded with smells and decor with the power of transporting you right across to Spain. This market-restaurant uses quality ingredients and prepares everything with care and from scratch. The breakfast menu is full of options and comes with a wide selection of wines imported from the other end of the Atlantic. Start your morning with a bocadillo de jamon or huevos a la flamenca, eggs dipped in a homemade Spanish sauce.
Address: Delicias de España, 4016 SW 57th Ave, Miami, FL, United States, +(305) 669-4485

7. Yisell Bakery Cafeteria

Bakery, Cuban

Yisell’s cafeteria provides catering service to the Florida Marlins, which has really helped to put the joint on the map. Their classic pastelistos and delectable croquetas are not only very budget friendly but would obtain a passing grade from even the most demanding of abuelitas. Yisell offers an exquisite collection of the most popular Cuban sweets, breads and pastries, all in an attention-catching window set up. They take pride in serving everything as soon as it’s out of the oven, which makes for an overwhelmingly satisfying breakfast to say the least.

8. El Cristo Restaurant & Catering

Restaurant, Sandwich Shop, Cafe, Diner, Cuban

Sink your teeth into a tasty Cuban sandwich
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Home to authentic Cuban cuisine since 1972, El Cristo has been delighting locals and tourists alike with a unique flair for strong Cuban food with a touch of American influence. Their breakfast menu shines with specials such as huevos a caballo, which combines palomilla steak with two eggs cooked to order. Not only does El Cristo feature a beautifully decorated outdoor sitting area, but it’s also located right next door to the Tower Theatre – one of Miami’s oldest cultural landmarks.

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