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The 10 Best Restaurants In Buena Vista, Miami
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The 10 Best Restaurants In Buena Vista, Miami

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Buena Vista is primarily a residential neighborhood with some historical buildings. There are some exciting things to do around the neighborhood, and the area also offers some great restaurants. We have prepared a list of the ten 10 best places to eat in Buena Vista, Miami.
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The Lost And Found Saloon

The Lost and Found Saloon is open seven days a week, serving Southwestern and Mexican food and craft beer. This compact Western-style spot offers breakfast, lunch and dinner. The restaurant serves a variety of unique meals including crab stuffed endives, hot pulled pork on sourdough sandwich, and baked chicken flautas dinner. Their desserts, such as their country apple pie and caramel cheese cake, are just as delicious as their meals. The Lost and Found Saloon not only has a unique name but it also offers a unique eating experience with meals that you won’t forget.

Address & telephone number: 185 NW 36th St, Miami, FL, USA +1 305-576-1008

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Salumeria 104

Salumeria 104 has over 20 years of experience serving simple traditional yet sophisticated meals. Salumeria’s meals all have Italian influences and guests can find Italian specialty cured meats and other delicacies. The restaurant combines Northern Italy’s charm and Miami’s vibrancy while serving authentic Italian brunch, lunch, and dinner meals. The food includes unique ingredients and a variety of salumi, fresh homemade breads, pastas, and Italian products.

Address & telephone number: 3451 NE 1st Ave #104, Miami, FL, USA +1 305-424-9588

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Lemoni Café

Lemoni Café is a local favorite, appealing to Buena Vista’s diverse crowd of professionals, artists, and writers looking for healthier food choices. Their menu offers comfort food including vegetarian, vegan and organic options. They also serve fresh juices and smoothies. The restaurant’s French-Moroccan chef, Assia Dahrouch, creates Mediterranean inspired flavors using fresh ingredients. She and operating partner Maria Eugenia Pelati are thrilled to provide their loyal customers delicious and healthy dining options. Moreover, all of their meals are served at reasonable prices.

Address & telephone number: 4600 NE 2nd Ave #8, Miami, FL, USA +1 305-571-5080

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Mignonette is a former 1930s gas station turned oyster bar and seafood restaurant. Lunch and dinner is served daily, presenting meals like shrimp cocktail and chilled king crab. They serve brunch Saturday and Sunday as well as offering dessert and wine/beer menus. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of their happy hour Monday through Friday. Chefs Daniel Serfer and Ryan Roman offer a great selection of oysters, seafood, veggies and prime rib, so stop by and take your pick from these tasty food items.

Address & telephone number: 210 NE 18th St, Miami, FL, USA +1 305-374-4635

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Riviera Focacceria Italiana

This restaurant is proud to introduce Miami to the long tradition of food from the Italian region of Liguria. They present many incredible dishes such as their unique focaccia di Recco, two layers of incredibly thin dough filled with imported stracchino cheese. The cheese is so important in the production of this delicate dish that they air freight it weekly from Italy. Their fresh homemade daily pastas are another big part of the menu. The iconic Pansoti, a homemade dumpling filled with spinach, ricotta cheese, chards and spices served with a walnut sauce is a customers’ favorite.

Address & telephone number: 3252 NE 1st Ave, Miami, FL , USA +1 786-220-6251

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Giraffas Brazilian Grill

Giraffas Brazilian Grill stands out for providing great meals and service, and has been doing that for more than 30 years. The restaurant boasts bright colors, bold flavors, and unmistakable atmosphere. They love being different from other restaurants by offering meals with authentic Brazilian flavors. The dishes are cooked fresh, made to order, and prepared just as they would be in a kitchen in Brazil. From the genuine ingredients to the second-to-none staff, guests will find themselves transported to Brazil the moment they step in the door.

Address & telephone number: 3252 Buena Vista Blvd, Miami, FL, USA +1 305-672-7111

Courtesy of Giraffas Brazilian Grill

Courtesy of Giraffas Brazilian Grill

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Blue Collar

Blue Collar is a small restaurant that serves food people like to eat, including a daily rotation of braised dishes, parmesans, ribs and a variety of vegetables. This restaurant offers brunch, lunch, and dinner, featuring meals like pulled pork benedict, the big ragout sandwich, seared diver scallops, and Jambalaya. At Blue Collar they keep it casual, providing an inviting environment with friendly staff and exceptional service.

Address & telephone number: 6730 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL, USA +1 305-756-0366

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Balans was a restaurant founded in France which eventually expanded to the United States. In 1997, entrepreneur Prady Balan opened his first restaurant in the U.S. choosing Miami, one of America’s most energetic and international cities. The restaurant offers food from all over the world and is known for its modern menu, its cocktails, and the friendly atmosphere. This is a great place to take your family to eat mouthwatering food for brunch, lunch, or dinner.

Address & telephone number: 6789 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL, USA +1 305-762-6344

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Campania Ristorante & Pizza

Three brothers, after opening two successful Amozzarella restaurants in Milan, found the perfect location for their third one in Miami. Campania was then born. The restaurant was named after their native land in Southern Italy. The oldest of the brothers attracts a large amount of customers as he selects the fine wines and gourmet spices. The middle brother, with the help of his siblings, fills their food with the flavors and aromas of the Amalfi Coast, Sorrento and Capri, as well as bringing the true Neapolitan pizza to Miami.The youngest brother is the host and has the pleasure of welcoming and taking guests on a journey to their land.

Address & telephone number: 4029 N Miami Ave, Miami, FL, USA +1 786-615-3301

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Cena By Michy

Cena by Michy is housed in a small, quirky setting, serving locally sourced American food in half and full portions. Cena, translated from Latin, means ‘the most important meal of the day,’ an at this restaurant each meal is important because it’s carefully crafted for the enjoyment of its guests. Cena serves a variety of vegetables, salads, meats, seafood, and more. There’s something on the menu for everyone to enjoy, making this unique spot ideal for large dinners with family and friends.

Address & telephone number: 6927 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL, USA +1 305-759-2001