LA's 10 Best Burgers, Embrace the Culture

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5 November 2016

Los Angeles has every burger you could dream of, from the classic cheeseburger, to the veggie, and the fish burger. It would take eons to find your favorite so here we’ve gathered the best 10 to save you precious time and belly fat!

The Oinkster Classic | © Alex Ceja

The Oinkster

Deli, Restaurant, American, BBQ
Map View
For the classic backyard burger taste The Oinkster has got you covered. Their Classic third lb burger comes with the standard toppings of lettuce, pickles, onions and tomatoes. The freshness of the toppings gives it a good crunch and the freshness of the beef fills your mouth with tasty juices. With now two locations in Los Angeles (Hollywood and Eagle Rock) The Oinkster is beginning to grow in popularity. Don’t forget to pair your burger with their belgian fries, a specialty soda, and one of their hand scooped shakes.

Bill's Hamburgers

Restaurant, American
Map View
Tommy's Chili Cheeseburger
Tommy's Chili Cheeseburger | © Alex Ceja
At Bill’s Hamburgers you’ll find the simple cheeseburger. Grilled meat and cheese in between plain buns. Though simple and small compared to newer burgers, this one will fill you up on taste alone. And the best part of the burger is that it is being grilled by none other than Bill himself. Bill’s shack and his cheeseburger send you back in time, away from the modern twists on burgers. This one is for the simple standard craving. Enjoy with potato chips but make sure to bring cash as Bill accepts nothing else.

Tommy's Original

Restaurant, American, Fast Food
Map View
Truffle Shuffle at Stout
Truffle Shuffle at Stout | © Alex Ceja
It’s late, or very early, and you’re craving a great, fresh, chili cheese burger. Lucky enough Original Tommy’s is open 24 hours. They may be a chain but they began here in Los Angeles where the original shack is still up and thriving. Their chili is cooked on sight in big barrels making their chili cheese burger the one to rival others; meat on meat at its freshest and best. Make sure to invite their chili cheese fries to the party and lots of napkins!


Restaurant, American, Fast Food, Seafood, $$$
Map View
Down the street from that Hollywood club you’re stumbling out of at 2am, Stout is still open. And if you’re craving the rarest burger this is your place. All meat burgers are served medium rare, fresh, juicy, and mouthwatering. The Truffle Shuffle is topped with mushrooms and truffle aioli, just in case you wanted a juicier burger, in between brie. Thirsty? Stout provides beer suggestions for each burger on the menu.


Restaurant, American, Fast Food
Map View
Dog Haus Hawaiian Buns
Dog Haus Hawaiian Buns | © Alex Ceja
The Whipper Burger at Hawkins House of Burgers is a double patty cheeseburger stuffed with pastrami and a hotlink. This massive burger is for the very hungry; it’s a real challenge to finish in one seating but it is delicious. Hawkins is proud to give you the most bang for your buck plus more. Pair your huge burger with some pastrami chili cheese fries. You won’t need to eat again for days!

Dog Haus

Restaurant, Fast Food, American, $$$
Map View
Stout Chef's Favorite
Stout Chef's Favorite | © Alex Ceja
Dog Haus got rid of the classic bun and replaced it with Hawaiian bread rolls. Every burger on the menu is served in between these tasty sweet rolls creating a taste that’s unique to Dog Haus. Due to the warm juiciness of the burger, the rolls tend to melt and stick to the meat. It’s the tastiest melted mess to have.

Plan Check

Bar, Diner, Gastropub, Restaurant, American, $$$
Map View
Dried cheese, fried egg, bacon and hot sauce on a burger; the Chef’s Favorite at Plan Check will become yours too. Doubling as a restaurant and bar, plan check serves original food next to original cocktails. This burger is uniquely packed with flavors. The over easy fried egg breaks nicely over the bacon and crispy cheese. And the hot sauce in the burger will leave you wanting hot sauce on every burger hence forward.

Mo Better Burgers

Restaurant, Seafood, Fast Food, American, $$$
Map View
Ahi Delight at Fusion Burgers
Ahi Delight at Fusion Burgers | © Alex Ceja
Mo Better Burgers offers a turkey alternative to the beef patty. The seasoning on their turkey burger is unique to Mo Better Burgers. Packed with pepper, chili and barbecue flavors this burger could even make the beef lover switch to turkey. The burger comes in the size of your choice and is made to order for absolute freshness. This small dive can get crowded but the turkey (also offered in taco form) is worth the wait.

Fusion Burgers

Restaurant, American, $$$
Map View
Penny’s Burgers
Penny’s Burgers | © Alex Ceja
Among their menu of unique burgers, Fusion Burgers offers the fish alternative to the beef burger. Not the standard burger, their Ahi Delight consists of an ahi tuna patty, guacamole, tartar sauce, ginger carrot pickle, and daikon sprouts. This burger refreshing, packed with flavors reminiscent of Japanese food. The Ahi Delight is the perfect burger for a unique and lighter, delectable choice.

The Counter

Restaurant, Vegan, Fast Food, American, $$$
Map View
No meat, no problem. No dairy, no problem. At The Counter, the vegan can customize a burger with a vegan patty and vegan cheese. You can also customize what toppings you would like, the size of the burger, the bread type, the sauces etc. Jam pack your burger with fried veggies (vegan doesn’t always have to be healthy) and unlimited spreads on top. The Counter is the place to let out your creative side by building a burger that is uniquely you.

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