This Map Shows Where You Should Live in the World Based on Your Personality

Stereotype Map | © JWT
Stereotype Map | © JWT
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Social Media Editor30 May 2018

Finally, the world map has been redrawn based on what really counts – personality! Now you can move to the country that best suits who you are based on data collected from people all around the planet.

JWT has created the Personality Atlas, a comprehensive map of the world organised by the predominant personality trait of each country, both as perceived by outsiders and internally by its own people.

To create the map, the company conducted a survey asking citizens from every country to explain how they perceive others (the Stereotype map) and how they view themselves (the Introspection map) – including perceptions related to people, culture, government, brands and products.

Based on the data collected, the maps then actually move the countries from their real life locations so that they border other countries with similar personality traits, placing countries with juxtaposing personalities in the opposite hemisphere from one another.

The continents have then been renamed based on the types of personality traits its inhabitants possess. Australia, Canada, Finland and France, for example, which are generally perceived as balanced and democratic, become a continent called Balancia. Contrarily, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan are most known for their adherence to religion, so they’ve been coined as the continent Spiritania.

Stereotype Map |  © JWT

Germany, Hong Kong and Japan make up the continent Uniformany, being that they are perceived as hard-working and orderly. Contrasting this is Funlandia, an amalgamation of Brazil, Italy and Spain. There is also Chillville, comprised of Mexico and Thailand, two countries known for being laid-back and fun.

Russia, the UK and the US are most associated by others with the trait of arrogance hence being named Smugville on JWT’s map. China is the only country that makes up its own continent, which is called Geniustan as it’s overwhelmingly the country people associate with intelligence.

The remaining countries, Argentina, Colombia, Czech Republic, India, Indonesia, Singapore, South Africa and South Korea, have no distinct personality characteristics and hence make up the continent of Vanillia.

Waterways on the map include the Cultural Sea, the Silicontic Sea and the Shrewd Channel, among others, and surround the countries most associated with those traits.

See, there is really somewhere for everyone!

One fun fact the maps reveal is that global perceptions rarely align with local ones. In other words, how citizens of a certain country see themselves may be quite different from the way in which other cultures view them.

Introspection Map | © JWT

It will not come as a surprise to most that as a race, we humans tend to organise our world based on stereotypes. These maps are an excellent way of illustrating these stereotypes and in turn combating them. Plus, you can finally figure out where you actually fit in and get packing.

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