The Sunniest Places in the USA Perfect for a Summer Holiday

Miami, FL
Miami, FL | © Mohmed Althani / Flickr
Now that spring is finally here—or you’re really, really hoping it comes soon—you’ll want to start thinking about what vacation spots you’d like to visit most this summer. And if your winter has been cold and grey, somewhere sunny is probably at the very top of that list.

Here are our picks for the sunniest places in America for you to consider for this summer’s epic vacation.

Yuma, Arizona

Yuma is officially the sunniest place in America—it is sunny about 90% of the time between sunrise and sunset. So, pack your bags to visit this gem if your number one priority is making sure that the chance of anything raining on your parade is as slim as possible.

Yuma, Arizona © Ken Bosma / Flickr

Los Angeles, California

The joke in Los Angeles is that no matter what time of year it is, the weather is always 72°F (22°C) and sunny. This extremely temperate weather will be all the better for you to explore everything that this incredible and diverse city has to offer, from the beaches of Malibu to the art galleries of downtown.

The beach in sunny Los Angeles © anokarina / Flickr

Miami, Florida

A famous party city, Miami is where you should go if you’re looking to lay out by a stylish pool and soak up Vitamin D during the day and then dance the evening hours away late into the night. Take your pick of trendy hotels—many of them have rooftop pools. You can take your pick between those and the beach.

Las Vegas, Nevada

One of the sunniest places in the country with the most abundant entertainment options, Las Vegas is a vacation where you can have it all. Spend your daytime hours soaking up the sun by the hotel pool, or go further afield to hike in Nevada’s stunning scenery. At night, you can choose between blackjack and world-class dining and shows.

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas © C2GlobalSales / Pixabay

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Originally a Spanish city, Santa Fe is one of America’s oldest, and also one of its most charming and spiritual. Sit in one of the many courtyard restaurants for lunch to get maximum sun exposure, and then stroll the beautiful boutiques to look for turquoise and traditional Navajo woven blankets.

A courtyard in Santa Fe © cassielozuk / Pixabay

Honolulu, Hawaii

Hawaii is all about the sea, surf, and sand, so make sure to book a place with easy beach access. After that, the most difficult decision you should ever have to make in Honolulu should be what kind of smoothie you’d like, and whether you’d prefer to spend your afternoon swimming or napping in the sun.