The Best Kickstarter Projects of April

Courtesy of respective Kickstarter campaigns
Courtesy of respective Kickstarter campaigns

From the weird to the wonderful, Kickstarter seems to have a project for everyone. These are our favorites we spotted in April, from posture wearables to smart pillows.

Upright Go

If you work in an office, this little wearable device could be a lifesaver. The Upright Go helps you track, train, and improve your posture.

You simply attach the small white box to your back and it immediately gives you feedback on your posture. If you start to slouch, the device vibrates, reminding you to sit up straight. For anyone who has suffered through back pain caused by slouching, it’s easy to appreciate the value of that kind of feedback.

The project has raised over $580,000 so far. The Upright Go can be bought with a $69 pledge and it ships July 2017.

Upright Go on someone’s back


Laptops may be extremely useful, but typewriters will always be cool. The feeling of clacking away on old school keys is a retro dream, but unfortunately, there aren’t many around these days.

Penna looks to bring retro cool to new devices. This keyboard is styled on old typewriters, and connects to your tablet or smartphone. The Penna keyboard has caught the attention of the Kickstarter community, raising nearly $400,000 after setting a $50,000 goal.


We’ve all struggled with tape measures, rulers, or just our own bodies to try and measure the distance between one point and another. Maybe it’s for that sofa you’re not sure will fit in the door, or to make sure the curtains are the right length, but it’s almost always a huge hassle.

VH-80 makes measuring look quite fun. The device shoots out a laser light in two different directions, and calculates the difference between itself and the target. You can preorder the VH-80 by backing it on Kickstarter for $149, and you wouldn’t be the first person to do so. The project has raised over $350,000 in funding from over 2,000 backers.

The VH-80 measuring device


Gravity is a weighted, therapeutic blanket that is supposed to help relax the nervous system and simulate being held or hugged. It’s engineered to be around 10 percent of a person’s body weight.

“This increases serotonin and melatonin levels and decreases cortisol levels—improving your mood and promoting restful sleep at the same time. All without ever filling a prescription,” according to the Kickstarter page. A $169 pledge gets you a blanket early. Over $244,000 has been pledged so far, impressive considering the company only asked for $21,000.

The Gravity blanket

Sunrise Smart Pillow

How you wake up from sleep is important. The Sunrise Smart Pillow ensures you wake up to your own personal sunrise, with a steadily increasing light show on your pillow. The pillow can also track your sleep and features wireless audio and a smart alarm.

The Sunrise Smart Pillow

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