Top Destinations To Move To Now That Trump Is President

Trump Rally | © Gage Skidmore/Flickr
Trump Rally | © Gage Skidmore/Flickr
America’s historic election has come to a close and so too has the fear been realized of a Donald Trump presidency. With his off-color remarks, alienating immigration policy and tendency to make up facts as he goes (ahem, the National Inquirer is not a reliable source); it’s no wonder that some Americans are planning their escape.

The dystopian America that Trump promises is comical at best and terrifying at worst. In short, our country may morph into a veritable homage to the Trump brand (I imagine Trump Steaks will become the meat of choice under The Donald’s rule). While I am keeping my Colombian citizenship close, other Americans are keeping a trained eye on Canada. Culture Trip has pulled together a list of remote destinations to move to now that Trump is the president elect.

Smug Donald Trump © Gage Skidmore/Flickr

New Zealand

Assuming you can’t charter a shuttle to outer space, your next best option would be to get as far away as possible to New Zealand. With low cost healthcare, less expensive living and scenic scenes to boot, New Zealand is a great destination to escape to should Trump ascend to the White House. The country’s tourism board has created a dedicated webpage for Americans looking to relocate to their country. The website offers seamless instructions on getting your visa and other practicalities of moving there quickly.

New Zealand © Kewl/Pixabay

Svalbard, Norway

Leaving Trump’s America may have its toss ups. On one hand, you can sidestep his boisterous State of the Union; on the other you may have to fight off a polar bear or two if moving to Svalbard. The obscure destination of Svalbard can be found tucked away in Norway. Svalbard is the easiest country on earth to relocate to since no visa or residence permit is required, just proof of financial support. While the weather (and polar bears) that Svalbard promises might be difficult, so is four years of President Trump.

Northern lights in Norway © Noel_Bauza/Pixabay


According to a report conducted by Market Watch, “It is estimated that about 5,000 to 10,000 American expatriates now live in Ecuador, and affordability is one reason why.” Ecuador attracts countless tourists a year with the charm of Quito’s Old Town, the beauty of its cloud forest and the nature of the Galapagos. Should Trump win Tuesday’s election, Ecuador is a great alternative.

Ecuador © Dezalb/Pixabay


Expats in Singapore are loving life – according to an HSBC study. The data shows that Singapore is considered the best place to live and work as an expat, who enjoy increased earnings (32%) and feel safer than they did in their home country (84%). Singapore and neighboring Hong Kong prove the top destinations for expats, in terms of financial improvement and overall life satisfication. If the election swings red on November 8, the siren call of the Singapore lifestyle might beckon.

Singapore © 5zal_Photography/Pixabay

Cape Breton, Canada

Watch out, Canada. Come November 8, you may see a wave of Americans running for your border. Canada is the promised land – a country where there are no guns and free healthcare. Sure, it may have it’s faults (no Netflix, limited job opportunities at the moment and no Target stores) but then again, so does the United States. Cape Breton, an island off the East Coast of Canada that continually ranks as a top travel destination, is welcoming Donald Trump runaways with open arms, as evidenced on its website. Summers are 80 degrees and balmy, while winters are – as expected – frigid. In terms of affordability, Cape Breton’s tourism site sums it up perfectly: “How much would it cost for a three bedroom lakeside home in your state? About a jillion dollars? You would need to BE Donald Trump to afford a place like that. But in Cape Breton, we have the most affordable housing market in North America!”

Cape Breton, Canada © ShawnaMac1/Pixabay