Do You Own the Most Popular IKEA Items Ever?

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If you’ve ever shopped at IKEA, chances are you have at least one of these items in your home. The question is, which one?

IKEA’s reps gave us insight into the Swedish brand’s most beloved products of all-time, based on their worldwide appeal and popularity. Although IKEA’s collections have evolved over the years (like this new gothic glam collaboration with fashion activist Bea Åkerlund), some items are classic staples that never go out of style.

BILLY bookcase

The BILLY bookcase first debuted in 1979 and is now one of IKEA’s most iconic products. It’s even estimated that one BILLY bookcase is sold every five seconds around the world. It comes in a variety of colors and sizes (some of which are stackable), and prices start at only $29. The simplicity of design means that your colorful collection of books can really shine, as long as you’re not into that backwards book trend (which we never, ever want to see again).

POÄNG chair

The POÄNG Chair has 5 out of 5 stars on IKEA’s website and has been around for over forty years. Made with a high-backed beech frame, this timeless chair comes in various colors (even Ransta red!) and goes for just under $100. It’s one of those bouncy chairs that can work in any room—an office, a living room, a nursery—which may account for its popularity.

RENS sheepskin rug

Perhaps you missed it, but did you know that the Game of Thrones’ costume designer actually used IKEA rugs to outfit members of the Night’s Watch—Including Jon Snow? So, yes, these rugs are pretty versatile. Prices start at $29 for one of IKEA’s most popular items to-date.

MALM bed

Could this be the best bed for your buck? At $199, the MALM bed is perhaps the world’s favorite ‘starter’ bed, gracing college dorm rooms all over the world. Made with a birch wood, the bed also doubles as a storage space (you can add stackable boxes underneath or sliding drawers, if you get the upgraded version). The headboard is essentially just for show, but it’s the cheapest bed-dresser-storage combo deal ever.

KALLAX shelf

The KALLAX shelf is one of those do-it-all shelves that can hold either books, trinkets, artwork, candles, or…anything really. You can also get creative with the shelving unit and use it to divide a room. The shelf is not only versatile, customizable, and affordable, but its simple design can blend in with virtually any existing décor.


With several varieties, textures, sizes, and colors to choose from, it’s no surprise the STOCKHOLM rugs are so popular. Plus, they’re all handwoven by skilled craftspeople in India (at fair wages), made from 100% wool, soil-resistant and reversible (which means they last longer). If you don’t currently own one of these rugs, you probably know at least one person who does.

LACK tables

It’s been around since 1979 and it’s only $8 bucks. What other side table can you get for that price? While it’s not a fancy table by any means, the versatile design means it can seamlessly blend in with your existing living room furniture. Plus, if it gets a little beat up over the years, it won’t break the bank to buy a new one.


Another college dorm room staple, the EKTORP sofa has reversible back cushions with removable, coordinated covers that come in a variety of shades. It’s small enough to fit in a tiny apartment and just big enough for a cozy, weekend lounge session.


Admittedly it’s not the most glamorous table in the world, but that still hasn’t deterred the world from buying it. The relaxed, rounded design makes for a simple breakfast table or simply a place to throw your keys at the end of the day.


Like the EKTORP sofa, the KLIPPAN sofa also comes in your choice of colors, ranging from multicolored designs (like Sangis multicolor) to vibrant hues (like Vissle yellow). Most color variations go for under $250. The loveseat has been around since the ’80s, but its affordable price point and washable slipcovers means that it’s still a hot commodity—even 30+ years later.


Everyone loves a good mug, right? Especially when it’s only $1. The FÄRGRIK mug comes in a variety of shades and can suit all occasions with its unpretentious design (and price point).

RIBBA frames

RIBBA frames can either stand on their own or be mounted to the wall. They come in all different styles and sizes, so you can customize your own gallery wall at minimal cost.

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